Supply Chain Simplified.

Our solutions and services eliminate risk and complication across your supply chain.

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Real predictive analytics. Real domain expertise.

Toolbox converts raw data into predictive signals and actionable insights that drive positive behavioral change.

Improve every paper-based process and approval.

Eliminate the friction, risk, and labor cost of paper with Folio, the supply chain focused document automation system.

Hands-on. Future forward.

As a turnkey JDA partner, we execute total JDA WMS/WLM implementations from start to completion, and every step along the way.

Best-in-class. Best of breed.

Our Intelligent Warehouse Solutions (IWS) optimize supply chain efficiencies and strengthen your ROI.

JDA WMS/WLM implementations
Intelligent Warehouse Solutions

Our methods fix the madness.

It’s true. In the world of big name logistics, MacGregor is an underdog. But that just means we are hungrier, leaner, faster, more agile and more driven to analyze and optimize your supply chain.

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