It’s more than just spitting out monthly reports.

Having data isn’t enough. Most operations have the data they need but it’s not of value to the organization. Data needs to be collected, harmonized and interpreted to paint a clear picture of what’s happening. Only then can you see how to avoid impending exceptions and how to tap into opportunities that exist in the future to realize unique and surprising positive outcomes.

A 60% failure rate.

More than 60% of all supply chain analytics projects fail to deliver the anticipated ROI or are abandoned prior to completion. This is certainly not for a lack of effort, or investment, or priority. Analytics projects fail because they lack the proper people and process. Successful analytics deployments require the perfect marriage of deep supply chain expertise spanning operations and systems, paired with an analytics deployment process focused on identifying key business challenges across the organization and leveraging harmonized data to prescribe action that drives to outcomes.

We’re the other 40%.

Our people are the difference. The MacGregor Partners analytics team cut their teeth as operators throughout varied and complex supply chains. They are not limited by the bandwidth or velocity of internal IT departments and bring speed, agility, and flexibility to any challenge. To a person, they offer deep domain expertise with vision framed from an outsider’s point of view.
  • They understand the importance and reasons behind different transportation modes, real-time shipment visibility, proper deployment of IoT for maximum value, and analysis of spot market versus contracted rates to dramatically reduce transportation spend.
  • They have been operators responsible for service levels and fulfillment in distribution networks with a myriad of systems containing siloed data – Warehouse Management Systems, Labor Management Systems, Automation Control Systems, Time Tracking Systems, Parcel Manifesting Systems, and others.
  • They have implemented and managed manufacturing execution systems and understand the importance of throughput, process control, and how to drive visibility to exceptions.
  • They are masters of capacity utilization and driving production volume while limiting production downtime and impending mechanical failures.
The ability to leverage this situational experience and deliver you the desired business outcome is unique in the industry and proven invaluable to our clients.

Expertise with every piece of the puzzle.

Our team is comprised of experts in the main visualization engines (Tableau, PowerBI, Cliqview, Domo, etc.) as well as ETL tools leveraged to weave multi-system data into a network-wide tapestry. We see the big picture and know how to visualize a data story that drives behavioral changes from purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and customer service.

The team is 100% platform agnostic but as an example of our problem-solving prowess, we identified a gap in data visualization tools built specifically for the supply chain. That triggered MacGregor Partners to develop M.Toolbox, a real-time, supply chain-centric data warehouse that stores and harmonizes data and provides predictive alerts and actionable signals across your distribution and manufacturing network.

We are problem-solving aficionados.

The team lives to find ways to make every process better. They’ll stay on your floor for hours on end until they find the outcome that changes your business. Some examples:


Review parcel shipments to assess carton sizes and multi-carton shipments for bundling and consolidation opportunities. >> Reduced parcel spend by 20%.


Review automation and conveyance ROI challenges and determined that lack of information and signals to pallet build users bottlenecked throughput. >> Leveraged dashboards at each pallet build station to improve visual cues and signals. Reduced pallet build cycle time by 50%, which increased daily revenue and throughput by $310k.


Pickline slotting rework. >> Increased throughput from 250 cases per hour to 425 per hour, coupled six-figure labor savings annually.


Compare spot market versus contract/asset transportation across modes and lanes. >> Saved seven figures annually.

We know the business and the technology inside and out and have been there done that in the supply chain space. Leverage the team’s experience to identify challenges across all systems and data points, then define the ideal data collection, visualization, and alert system.


MacGregor Partners most effectively combines operational and technical expertise to guarantee a successful supply chain analytics deployment within your organization.