Hands-on. Future forward.

As the largest accredited Blue Yonder WMS partner in the US, we are the ideal choice for Blue Yonder WMS implementations -- from ideation to deployment, and every step in-between.

We’ve seen WMS implementations from all sides.

As a leading Blue Yonder Partner in North America and APAC, we understand the critical importance of a successful Blue Yonder WMS / WLM implementation and go-live. Our process offers a unique union of traditional Waterfall and Agile approaches. We combine this with our unwavering focus on our customer’s ROI to drive customer success.

We have lived the life of a WMS buyer, vendor, and implementer. Our Blue Yonder WMS team is here to help and enjoys talking about all things WMS, Blue Yonder slash JDA slash RedPrairie.

Our Guiding Principles

The deep and broad experience of our team, our unique approach, and our overarching desire to simplify every aspect of a client’s supply chain set us apart, but the true differentiation lies in what we believe. 

  • We bring more than questions to the table.
  • We see WMS as a beginning, not an end.
  • We view methodology as a guide, not a straight-jacket.

Blue Yonder WMS Implementations

Our WMS implementation experts have successfully deployed more than 60 sites in the last year alone. Our implementation processes draw upon years of in-depth warehouse consulting, Blue Yonder mastery, and first-hand knowledge of warehouse operations. We speak the language of distribution best practices, and with this fluency our WMS implementation experts translate business needs into a holistic system configuration, rapidly and without rework. Say goodbye to 6-12 month WMS deployments -- we have a better way. 

Blue Yonder WMS Upgrades

Traditional upgrade projects are riddled with uncertainty -- from existing enhancement uplift, to uncertain ROI around new features and variability in change adoption. At MacGregor, we eliminate upgrade uncertainty with a robust Upgrade Assessment Process. Our Upgrade Assessment provides decision-makers with a firm upgrade proposal, researched benefits with ROI targets, and key risks and mitigations already identified. 

The Upgrade Assessment process begins with on-site observations and user interviews to establish current state and pain points. New features are aligned with needs from observations and discussion, and indicative savings from each are assessed. 

On the technology side, any existing interfaces or enhancements are reviewed to determine if they can be replaced with standard functions or if they require uplift. For any enhancements requiring uplift, a high-level estimate is provided. The assessment results are presented back, including a proposal, feature targets, ROI assessment, and risk mitigations -- all supported by detailed documents and in-depth, customer-specific research. 

Blue Yonder WLM Implementations

Warehouse Labor Management (WLM), also referred to as Labor Management System (LMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) for supply chain, is a powerful tool to drive down logistics costs. Our fully accredited Labor Management team uses a proven process to implement, maintain and improve labor managed deployments. Our process avoids reliance on the traditional ‘crawl, walk, run’ trope -- which leaves most companies crawling.

Many firms experience difficulty maximizing the value of WLM, as implementation requires a cross-discipline skillset and prior experience. Our labor management team will assess the current WMS or WLM deployment, help build an ROI case, and implement thoughtfully to ensure that ROI is achieved. Learn more about the value an optimized labor system creates from our dedicated team of experts.

Robotics & Edge Technologies

Anyone can integrate two systems. It takes a seasoned firm to provide process and advice to ensure you achieve the promised return. Our dedicated robotics and edge technology group have decades of experience combining process and technology expertise to drive decision making, avoid "ROI Drift", and encourage future flexibility.

ROI Drift is the term we use to describe the erosion of value from the initial ROI case to eventual execution, as design-level decisions impact the initial value statement. We manage and eliminate this far-too-common loss by holding each design decision accountable to initial assumptions.

Flexibility is key in the new world of automation, which increasingly involves chaining multiple robotics solutions together. For example, an AutoStore Goods-to-Person Solution can be bundled with a RightHand articulating arm for each picking. To facilitate this type of flexible automation chaining, we partner with SVT Robotics in production of M.Conductor, an easy, lightweight, cost-efficient way to connect Blue Yonder to any robotics solution. 

Continuous Improvement

At MacGregor Partners, we believe a WMS deployment is a beginning, not an end. Research shows the best WMS value is achieved through focus on continuous, incremental improvement. For firms looking to begin a new continuous improvement program, we offer a free-of-charge Operational Assessment for any BY WMS customer, where an experienced BY WMS architect will review current operations and propose improvement items, from tactical to strategic.

We promote continuous improvement execution through a variety of programs. Modern versions of Blue Yonder's WMS support a continuous upgrade model -- if proper care is taken in the initial deployment. Philosophically, upgradeability and scalability are core tenets of all design decisions at MacGregor Partners. What we build for you today will maintain value in tomorrow's world.

Many of our customers prefer to shift to a Managed Service Plan, which provides consulting, development, and industrial engineering service on a regular monthly basis, ensuring increased return over time. 

Application Development & Integration

At MacGregor Partners, our dedicated, fully-accredited Development Team combines deep Blue Yonder WMS and WLM product knowledge with the native flexibility and extensibility of Blue Yonder products to produce peerless results. From new web-screens, to custom legacy .NET forms, from MOCA components through RESTful APIs -- we have you covered. All development requests are managed through a transparent, JIRA-based process, ensuring accountability, and all code is fully source controlled to ensure supportability. We design and build with the future in mind, so designs are componentized with upgradeability as a core success metric.

White-Glove, On-Shore Support

Our support team embodies the exact characteristics that your businesses require: highly articulate, knowledgeable, well-trained, and passionate. They understand your software and your specific business configurations, and they have the sense of urgency that production issues mandate. With 24x7x365 availability, our US-based team minimizes downtime, speeds issue resolution, and keeps the business operating. 

Hosting Services

MacGregor Partners provides clients with robust hosting capabilities, full stack support, and a true “one throat to choke” model. MacGregor Partners takes all of the complexity out of a WMS deployment: we install, configure, manage the application and stack in our cloud, provide Level 1-3 support, and act on your behalf in interactions with BlueYonder. Our hosting services are security certified, undergo regular compliance checks, and provide robust SLAs -- all with flexible monthly, yearly, or use-based commercial models.    

Education & Training

Leveraging our deep Blue Yonder WMS / WLM product knowledge, technical expertise, and operational experience, we empower your team to own and manage your solution long after the project ends. While many firms deploy junior consultants as trainers to rehash canned content, we believe training is a critical success factor, and ensure training is performed by seasoned veterans with specific customer knowledge.

We offer a catalogue of standard course offerings, given live or remotely. If you have a specific need in mind, we are happy to mix and match agendas -- at no extra cost. For firms with only a handful of BY users, we are also happy to offer public courses.