Accredited Blue Yonder Partner | MacGregor Partners

MacGregor Partners is now part of Accenture. Press Release

The largest accredited Blue Yonder partner in the U.S.

Through our experience with large-scale deployments, MacGregor Partners has developed a templatization methodology to accelerate deployments while reducing both risk and cost. By focusing on a broader scope than configuration and development, we incorporate governance, testing scripts, testing data, training routines, performance validations, deployment plans, and more into a comprehensive template plan.



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Automation Expertise

With a dedicated team of automation experts and a powerful automation accelerator in M.Conductor – we provide much more than integration. From form factor and mission profile identification to roadmap planning and full integration and testing support.


White Glove Service

Our relationships do not end at go-live, we partner for the long-term. And with our White Glove Support offering, we maintain a stream of continuous improvement, with value metrics and return as a primary KPI.


Continuous Improvement

We believe a WMS provides a platform for growth and improvement. And with a continuous upgrade model, we never go out of date. We ensure our partners get the most out of their WMS investment, on Day 1 – and well beyond.