For many individuals and organizations, remote work is nothing new, but it poses new challenges for others. We have thrived as a distributed workforce for the life of our company, so we understand how to achieve goals without on-site presence. We revel in uncovering new and creative solutions to solve problems for our customers that were traditionally managed face-to-face. 

Below are a few digital work tools we incorporate into our practice as part of this new normal. 

  • Electronic Whiteboards – Ideal for remote group sessions in the design phase. The low-tech, more cost-effective version of this is simply a webcam pointed at a traditional whiteboard.
  • GoPro/FaceTime Site Tours – It’s hard to replace in-person site visits, but guided tours with a GoPro or smartphone paired with live Q&A are providing us with the critical information necessary to be successful.
  • Remote Help Desks – iPad and tablet accessibility on the warehouse floor for FaceTime with our team of experts without the need to go back to a desk or laptop.
  • Video Conferencing – As Zoom and other offerings become ubiquitous, we leverage video conferencing during all phases of project processes.
  • Issue Tracking & Resolution – For companies without an active collaboration or JIRA system installed, shifting issues lists from on-prem with Microsoft Excel to Microsoft 365 or Google Docs allows for remote access and real-time collaboration. 
  • 24/7 Open Chat Lines – Direct access to expert help available real-time all the time via Skype for Business or FaceTime. We can also federate Office 365 subscriptions in order to gain common access for staff availability. 
  • Enabling Staff for WFH – For our customers that have always been on-site and have staff that are not accustomed to remote work, simply purchasing the necessary hardware and software (e.g. Webcam, Headset, Videoconferencing Subscription, etc.) to do their job effectively is a quick step in the right direction. 

We have also expanded our implementation methodology to allow for remote work through all phases including design, build, test, and go live. HighJump and Blue Yonder implementations have portions of the projects that are naturally and natively remote, however certain sections are traditionally performed in-person. In particular, go lives historically mandate a strong on-site presence. By getting creative with digital tools and new ways of working, we continue to meet milestones and our partners have avoided work stoppages during the disruption.

Reach out to learn more about how we are remotely implementing a new WMS at three sites for a single customer in the second quarter of 2020, or how we can help your organization remotely. Email us at or call 414.888.4188.