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Self-Service Driver Kiosks & eBOL

With self-service check-in and check-out, M.Folio is more than digital shipping documents and electronic signature capture. By automating the entire workflow and enabling your team to orchestrate drivers, M.Folio delivers increased throughput, reduced dwell time, improved load visibility, and optimized facility labor.

M.Folio Self-Service Driver Kiosks, with indoor and outdoor versions shown.

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The Yard of the Future Starts with eBOL.

Imagine a warehouse where drivers are self-service and remain in their cabs with their movements orchestrated through SMS text messages. Where dwell times are a thing of the past and the entire workflow is automated. Where drivers are more informed and spend less time waiting to be processed. Where carriers treat you as a Shipper of Choice due to a predictable experience. And all shipping documents are digitized, fully searchable, and both data and documents are shared instantly with customers, carriers, and partners.

We built M.Folio to be an early step towards digital transformation, regardless of where partners are on their digital journey. Even if they still require a paper bill of lading.


Self-Service Check-In/Out

M.Folio provides a frictionless driver experience with a self-service driver kiosk, in-cab FastPass option, or a combination of the two. The solution provides the ability to sign a bill of lading and other documents digitally along with the option of a printed BOL, if required by the carrier.


Increased Throughput

The automated workflow removes staff interaction and reduces the total time for check-in and check-out by as much as 20 minutes per driver. This reduction adds up to significant time savings each day that equals greater throughput, reduced dwell time, and eliminates detention fees.


Reduced Labor Costs

M.Folio lowers staff and driver interaction time by 80%, reduces back-office labor by 30%, lowers customer service inquiries by 80%, and lowers FTEs required in the guard shack. Customers also enjoy savings from paper, toner, printers, copiers, and reclaimed warehouse storage space.