M.Folio Electronic BOL Case Study at Atlanta Bonded Warehouse

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse faced the challenge of new, complex document requirements with drivers needing to sign up to 30 bills of lading and 90 pages causing backups at the guard shacks. Trailer throughput was down and processing time was at an all-time high so MacGregor Partners introduced M.Folio Contactless Shipping. The electronic BOL SaaS offering features electronic POD, digital signature capture, and digital document management with cloud storage and 24/7/365 access from any device.

“With Folio, we’re seeing an improvement of 10 to 15 minutes shorter times for the drivers to check-in and out and get their documents.”- Troy Snelson, General Manager, Public Operations, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is also seeing labor savings at the guard shack, significantly reduced paperwork for the admin team, fewer customer service inquiries since all shipping documents are easily accessed online, and the massive BOLs only require one digital signature and a driver can be on his or her way.


“We used to have three people in the guard shack, now we only have two because it’s so much faster to get drivers in and out.” – Alex DeGrossi, SCO Applications & Project Manager, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation

M.Folio was deployed at Atlanta Bonded Warehouse on existing tablets with Phase 2 implementations planned for all of the company’s Kennesaw, GA facilities.

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