Automate and streamline every paper-based workflow and approval.

Folio makes your supply chain faster, safer, and more efficient by removing the friction of paper and transforming manual processes into agile digital workflows and approvals.

Eliminate your supply chain’s paper dependence.

Across your supply chain, you depend on bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, contracts, and countless other printed documents to capture signatures, track ownership and liability, record compliance, and share information with your stakeholders and customers.

These documents are essential—but you must also sign, store, manage, file, and access all these physical documents to keep your supply chain running efficiently. Meanwhile, all that time spent translates directly to labor cost, not to mention the cost of paper itself, which continues to stack up. This paper and its continuous management disrupt workflows, increase the risk of losing a critical document, and erode the speed and profitability of your business. Folio solves these problems and transforms the hidden cost of paper into savings and risk mitigation for your business.

From paper to profit.

It’s a matter of dollars and sense.

Paper. Not exactly the most compelling area to talk about when looking to optimize, reduce risk, and save money across a supply chain. Most managers and executives may not even have paper on their radar as a risk or labor drain. Let our Folio savings calculator show you why paper should be top of mind.
Area of Savings
Money Saved
How many documents processed yearly?
How many minutes spent managing documents?
What is the average fully loaded employee rate?
Labor cost managing each document
Average paper & toner cost per two page document
Average cost for off-site storage for each document
Total Cost Per Document
?Minutes spent handling, filing, moving, and managing a document during its lifetime
?Average hourly rate for the employee(s) managing the documents
?Average cost of paper, toner, and printer maintenance for a two page document
?Average cost for seven years of on/off-site storage
Potential Per Year Savings with Folio

Empower your people. Empower your business.

Shipping and receiving clerks

Automate entire processes around shipping, receiving, QA, and compliance documents. Capture signatures digitally, automatically email completed copies of executed documents to stakeholders, and progress document sets between owners based on configurable workflow alerts, approvals, and steps.

Delivery drivers

Delivery Drivers can verify multiple documents with a single signature on Folio’s intuitive mobile interface—thus clearing the yard faster and reducing wait times to get you back on the road. Copies of documents can be emailed and shared with the driver and the driver’s carrier, ensuring that all parties have access to the document immediately.

Customers service representatives

Customer Service Representatives can view and share all signed documents in Folio’s shared digital repository with a single click—ending the need for paper storage, speeding document access for key users and end customers, and eliminating the risk of losing an important file.

Facility managers

Facility managers can create configurable workflows and approvals so that any documents going through multiple parties for approvals is automated, streamlined and exceedingly fast.


Carriers can be granted access to Folio so they may track all documents executed, in route, or even already delivered – spanning trailers, containers, air, sea, and any other transportation medium. The reach and scope of Folio’s document digitization and automation is limitless.

End customers

Provide customers access to their specific documents to enhance all-around visibility. Additionally, Folio can email copies of documents to customers at configurable workflow exit points to ensure they have the information they need on time, in real-time.

Quality manager

Store all compliance driven documentation in a single online repository that tracks and manages edits, approvals, completion of documents. Inject pictures of product, trailers, or other ad-hoc notes, to workflows as needed to ensure your organization has the perfect digital paper trail to substantiate every process, workflow, and exception – even during an audit.


Eliminate the need for off-site storage and paper disposal, while eliminating risk and improving the speed and success of audits. Additionally, lean on Folio to ingest and manage vendor and supplier invoices. With its configurable workflow and data manipulation capabilities, Folio automates manual validation steps, ability to breakdown a single bill against multiple GL codes, or manage a multi-approval workflow defined per unique document type, Folio can handle all your finance needs.

Eliminate wasted labor cost

Cut out the hidden labor cost from associates printing, sorting, filing, and managing paper throughout its lifecycle at your organization.

Reduce risk

Never lose or damage a physical document again, or fail an audit, as Folio stores all documents in a secure cloud-based repository where they can be searched against, viewed, printed, and emailed at the touch of a button.

Reduce paper cost

Eliminate the cost of paper, printing, toner, and on-site/off-site storage for all documents, as they are securely and safely stored in your Folio document repository. Only print when you need to provide an external party with a paper copy.

Workflow speed

Configure workflows that allow document approvals and alerts to drive the progression of single documents or a collection that needs orchestration between multiple departments for completion. Track each step of the way and know exactly where each document or document set is within the workflow.

Enhance visibility

Provide all internal and external stakeholders with access to their documents, based on configurable roles and permissions. This means everyone gets access to the documents they need on any mobile device and nothing more.

Folio features. You benefit.

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Digital signature capture

Allow drivers and facility managers to approve multiple documents with a single signature, clearing the yard faster than ever.

Mobile enablement

Enable operators to capture signatures and ensure delivery accuracy on any tablet, smartphone and web-enabled device. The result is real-time visibility across your supply chain.

Electronic document archive

Store, share and search for bills of lading and other vital documents across your supply chain without the pain of paper records. Folio also takes in metadata (e.g., master shipment numbers, bill of lading numbers, etc.) and determines it on-the-fly with every new file to ensure accurate classification.

Rich search capabilities

Locate any file at any time across your supply chain with a text indexing system that performs OCR on scanned documents and parses PDFs to pull key data elements from any document added to your repository.

Shared web portal

Empower 3PLs, carriers and customers to view essential documents from multiple origin systems using one cross-device web application—and customize document permissions to only share sensitive documents with the right stakeholders.

Workflow automation

Automate workflows, data comparison and the movement of documents from one department to another. The possibilities are infinite given the flexibility and configurability of the workflow engine to streamline the flow of paper and approvals inside your business.

Logical document grouping

Link related documents (such as a packing list and driver ID) into organized sets for rapid retrieval and processing.

Data comparison and manipulation

Lean on Folio’s data comparison engine to compare multiple data fields on a single document, or data fields across documents to progress a workflow. Folio can also add additional information and data fields conditionally to a document to automate manual edits performed on physical documents from mathematical calculations or stamp overlays. The automation and time saving possibilities are extensive.
Digital signature capture
Mobile enablement
Electronic document archive
Rich search capabilities
Shared web portal
Workflow automation
Logical document grouping
Data comparison and manipulation