Automate and streamline every paper-based workflow and approval.

Folio makes your enterprise faster, safer, and more efficient by removing the friction of paper and transforming manual processes into agile digital workflows and approvals.

Eliminate your company’s paper dependence.

Across your organization, you depend on bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, contracts, and countless other printed documents to capture signatures, track ownership and liability, record compliance, and share information with your stakeholders and customers.

These documents are essential—but you must also sign, store, manage, file, and access all these physical documents to keep your supply chain running efficiently. Meanwhile, all that time spent translates directly to labor costs, not to mention the cost of paper itself, which continues to stack up. The continuous management of paper disrupts workflow, increases the risk of losing a critical document, and erodes the speed and profitability of your business. Folio solves these problems and transforms the hidden cost of paper into savings and risk mitigation for your business.