From paper to profit.

It’s a matter of dollars and sense.

Paper. Not exactly the most compelling area to talk about when looking to optimize, reduce risk, and save money across a supply chain. Most managers and executives may not even have paper on their radar as a risk or labor drain. Let our Folio savings calculator show you why paper should be top of mind.
Area of Savings
Money Saved
How many documents processed yearly?
How many minutes spent managing documents?
What is the average fully loaded employee rate?
Labor cost of managing each document
Paper and toner cost
Storage cost for each document
Total Cost Per Document
?Minutes spent handling, filing, moving, and managing a document during its lifetime
?Average hourly rate for the employee(s) managing the documents
?Average cost of paper, toner, and printer maintenance for a two page document
?Average cost per year for on/off site storage
Potential Per Year Savings with Folio