FreightWaves partnered with MacGregor Partners, developers of M.Folio, for a one-hour webinar to examine how businesses can mitigate the risk of disruption and keep drivers and staff efficient and safe.

Webinar Description: With COVID-19, the threat of business disruption and health risk to drivers and facility staff manufactured a slew of haphazard protocols and unpacked a Pandora’s box of dangerous liabilities for all parties involved. M.Folio’s digital document management and workflow automation engine, paired with integrated Driver Kiosks, ushers drivers and facility staff through the entire shipping and receiving process digitally, from arrival to departure.

Topics Covered:

  • How to leverage self-service driver kiosks or tablets to manage driver check-in, the driver queue, and provide drivers instructions without physical interaction
  • Why the singular focus on digitizing signature capture is too late in the shipping & receiving process flow to ensure a contactless interaction between drivers and facility staff
  • Why workflow automation is just as important as digitizing Bills of Lading and Packing Lists in today’s highly variable and dynamic distribution environments.
  • The importance of a flexible digital document management solution to eliminate the need to sign, shuffle, scan, transfer, store, and share critical documents

Webinar Presenters: Jordan Teplin, Strategic Account Manager & Roman Reynebeau, VP of Product Development

Date: Recorded Thursday, May 28th, 2020