When we developed Folio, we focused on the financial impact the volume of documentation generated, managed, and stored had on the supply chain industry.

We found it maddening that technology within the supply chain was constantly improving and evolving, while the document management and paper-based workflow process had not changed for decades.

Most of our customers had accepted the omnipresent impact of paper documentation as the cost of doing business within the supply chain, but we were able to demonstrate the real impact, risk, and cost that archaic document management processes and software had on their business.

We introduced Folio, our intelligent document management and workflow automation platform, so our customers could reap the benefits of secure storage, automated document consumption, and workflow automation.

How does Folio solve problems for our clients?

1. Folio’s document management system effortlessly consumes documents from a variety of sources, then automatically and intelligently identifies, groups and stores those documents virtually.

This saves our customers time and money, both from physical paper document storage, as well as a material reduction in the labor costs associated with managing and moving those documents throughout their facilities.

2. Once documents are uploaded and stored within Folio, our customers configure flexible workflows that seamlessly move documents through their organization, making each and every document’s lifestyle more efficient and more secure.

Our customers Instantly moved past a world where documents were manually filed and provided to others and into a world where notifications were instant, approvals were captured in real-time, signatures were recorded electronically, and visibility was enterprise-wide. Folio ensures that document processing, management, and retrieval is easy and intuitive for every team member and stakeholder involved in paper-based workflows.

3. Our customers often need to acquire signatures from multiple parties for a multitude of documents. Each signee slows down the workflow flipping through pages, looking for where they should sign, manually signing each page, and then passing the documents on to the next person. If a document is missing a signature, then the entire process stops and requires rework.

With Folio’s e-signature capture, users only need to sign once and that signature is applied to all the documents requiring their signature as they review the documents without missing a single dotted line.

4. As documents move through their specific workflow, Folio’s cloud-based storage and rich search functionality mean that documents are never lost or misplaced due to human error.

Customers can keep documents stored based on industry timelines, or indefinitely, without the headache or cost of physically storing documents. But the real magic comes from the rich search functionality that enables any member of our customer’s team to easily pull past documents in a matter of seconds.

How’d we get to Folio Auto?

While Folio was built to solve supply chain documentation problems, we knew it was more than a one-trick pony. Any industry with a dependency on paper documentation benefits from Folio.

Auto dealerships proved to be an interesting use case for Folio’s functionality. Every automobile sold at a dealership generates dozens of pieces of paperwork to form a deal jacket. Each of those documents must be printed, processed, filed, and stored.

How Can Folio Auto work for your Dealership?

We knew Folio could cut labor costs for back-office employees and the cost of the physical paper and storage, but we found that real savings came from Folio’s ability to intelligently file and store documents.

With so many pieces of paper needed for each vehicle sold, it’s easy for human error to result in misplaced or lost documents. This proves to be an immense expense for dealerships during audits with missing documents costing thousands of dollars in fines.

Folio Auto can ease the cost of back-office labor, expensive document storage, printing services, and even save dealerships the expense of costly fines due to missing documents.

The best part? Folio is easy to implement and typically takes less than a week to get up and running meaning your dealership can move into the future with ease.

Let Folio solve your paper problems by eliminating audit risk and improving the profitability of your business. Book a demo today.