Electronic BOL & Driver Orchestration Software – M.Folio Case Study at Crossgate Logistics

Crossgate Logistics was searching for an electronic bill of lading solution that offered a digital BOL and the option to print a BOL, for carriers that still required physical paper. They first deployed M.Folio on tablets and then implemented a Self-Service Driver Kiosk at the guard shack. Since the arrival of the kiosk, the efficiency of flowing drivers in and out has increased by 50% or more.


Beyond increased trailer throughput, Crossgate has seen cost savings through a reduction in labor by at least two FTEs in the guard shack operation and increased efficiency with the shipping office, customer service, and claims processing.

“Since we implemented M.Folio, our processes and procedures have decreased in time. We’ve saved about 25% in claims dealing with customers and it’s taking about 50% of the time to process a claim for a client.” – Katherine Roberts, Sr. Continuous Improvement Manager, Crossgate Logistics

Future plans include a fully automated driver workflow with remote monitoring at a guardless gate and incorporating the M.Folio data flow into other systems. 

“With a guardless gate, we no longer need a human out there running the process when we can do it through cameras capturing the inspection, and there’s a call button on the M.Folio station that can call somebody in the traffic office.” – Katherine Roberts, Sr. Continuous Improvement Manager, Crossgate Logistics

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