The M.Folio team at MacGregor Partners is pleased to announce the release of new features and enhancements that reflect our commitment to continuous innovation and a frictionless driver experience.

Custom Forms

M.Folio Kiosk and M.Folio FastPass customers now have the capability to create interactive, digital forms that can be added to an automated driver workflow. These digital forms can be used to replace paper forms typically presented to drivers at check-in, such as facility policies, checklists, and questionnaires. English as a second language?  Not a problem. Custom forms are automatically translated to the driver’s selected language.

Improved Driver Check-In Experience

Simplified screens and streamlined driver interaction make driver check-in easier than ever. Using conditional logic, M.Folio Kiosk and M.Folio FastPass can be configured to guide drivers through a series of questions to collect exactly the information yard administrators need to know while ensuring drivers know exactly where they need to go next.

Expanded Language Support

M.Folio Kiosk and M.Folio FastPass now support right-to-left languages, providing drivers with an even greater range of language options.

Enhanced Driver Workflow Administration

M.Folio provides users with several new features that improve efficiency in daily workflow administration.

> Apply an electronic signature to multiple documents at once including bill of lading and proof of delivery

> Add text annotations to digital documents in color for better visibility

> Save a search filter for common searches

Advanced Document Analytics

New analytics capabilities provide M.Folio users the ability to aggregate eBOL and other shipping documents by type, date range, and project or inbox. Filters can be applied to identify document sets based on selected criteria, such as carrier name or site.