Redefining the Relationship Between Receivers, Shippers, Drivers, & Documentation.  

M.Folio supply chain software offers a comprehensive eBOL and ePOD solution with a contact-free driver workflow and enterprise-grade digital document management. 

Not Another Driver App

The transportation industry is incredibly fragmented. Shippers, distributors, and manufacturers typically deal with more than 40 unique transportation providers in a given year. A single solution that is both carrier and driver technology-agnostic is required. Enter M.Folio – the only solution that doesn’t force drivers to download an app and ensures your facility staff won’t spend their time administering, managing, and enforcing driver app download and usage. (Learn more about how M.Folio avoids the traditional pitfall of a driver app in this blog.)

Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL)

Too much focus is placed on the outputs of eBOL solutions – digital bills of lading and electronic signature capture. Today’s supply chains demand a solution that extends that traditional use case across the entire workflow of their unique shipping/receiving processes and aligns with their digital strategy and roadmap. M.Folio offers the ability to digitize any document or image in addition to a paper-based supply chain multi-system workflow automation engine. This engine ushers users, drivers, internal, and external staff through every approval, notification, document comparison, data capture, and electronic signature to ensure every step in the process is observed, tracked, and communicated to ensure optimal efficiency and visibility for every stakeholder.

M.Folio’s workflow engine communicates with external systems through standard and configurable APIs to drive further efficiencies and enable multi-system workflows. 

  • Validate data on digital documents against an ERP or WMS and create exception branches to ensure data integrity.
  • Communicate real-time with appointment tools, YMS, or TMS systems to provide updates and visibility to standard workflow step completion such as driver check-in, signature capture, or departure. 
  • Interact with fixed hardware, such as ingress/egress gates in a yard, or trailer weight scales
  • Communicate digitally via SMS text message with drivers over their mobile devices to improve yard efficiency
  • Notify your carrier or customers’ digital systems of workflow exceptions – such as a driver arriving late, a load that has an inventory exception, or when a trailer is overweight.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Historically, organizations were forced to buy narrow point solutions when they wanted to digitize bills of lading or capture proof of delivery. This resulted in unnecessary integration complexity to stitch these solutions together into a patchwork quilt of systemic dependencies.

M.Folio offers an alternative path. One built upon the foundation and success of an enterprise-grade document management and workflow automation engine where eBOL, ePOD, and the entire workflow from shipment to delivery is streamlined, automated, and managed.

All images, signatures, and data elements are captured and stored together within proprietary digital document sets that group like items together securely in the cloud for future access, tying each shipment to its eventual receipt and proof of delivery. 


Enterprise Document Management Paired with an Integrated Driver Kiosk

M.Folio Driver Kiosks replace face-to-face interaction, providing a contact-free driver check-in, driver queue management and communications, and are the front-end of an automated document workflow. Drivers sign the bill of lading and other documents digitally at the kiosk and the kiosk ushers them through a process customized to any company or location.

While digital bills of lading are road legal for nearly every load, sans hazmat, some of the industry (facilities and drivers) isn’t ready to move to a completely digital process. Our kiosk allows organizations to migrate away from the traditional face-to-face interaction between drivers and facility staff, while offering a solution not predicated on driver technology that can also print paper bills of lading and other documentation. M.Folio and driver kiosks are your onramp to a 100% digital contactless solution that automates the workflow of every document generated at your facilities.

  • M.Folio driver kiosks reduce the reliance on security guard staff, as that interaction can now take place on a kiosk.
  • Our customers’ shipping and receiving clerks experience a 50% decrease in time spent interacting with drivers, once the interaction becomes digital.
  • We offer a virtual monitoring solution in guard shacks so that drivers’ interaction with a kiosk is monitored 24×7 through cameras, but requires no direct human-to-human contact.
  • Drivers themselves report efficiency and throughput gains at facilities leveraging M.Folio kiosks.

M.Folio Fast Pass Option

The Fast Pass contactless workflow is completely digital and in-cab. Drivers breeze through the process, from gate entry to check-out, from the safety of their trucks and out of harm’s way in the yard. In-person contact with facility staff is eliminated, significantly reducing the chance of a facility closure due to health reasons. 

Upon arrival at the gate, drivers scan a QR code with their phone to gain entry with no special app required. The QR code scan connects the trailer to the load and associated paperwork and from that point forward, all communications are sent to the driver from the shipping office via SMS text message. Signatures, inspection images, OS&D reports, BOLs, and proof of delivery are all digitized in M.Folio, stored securely in the cloud for easy retrieval, and shared with all interested partners when the driver scans the QR code to exit the yard. 

M.Folio Fast Pass also accounts for drivers and carriers that still require a physical document. There remains the option to print a bill of lading at the self-service Driver Kiosk.

Real Labor Savings

The M.Folio workflow automates driver interaction so fewer guards and shipping clerks are needed to manage driver orchestration. The powerful supply chain software also removes dozens of menial tasks – printing, signing, scanning, routing, filing, storing, and retrieving physical paper. A facility can reduce or reallocate gate and shipping office staff to higher-value positions. Customer service will also see a dramatic drop in inquiries as any interested party, internal or external, can access documents and images in the cloud 24×7 from any device.

M.Folio customers report as much as a 30% reduction in labor costs along with ongoing costs like paper, toner, printers, and storage, plus recouping the lost revenue from housing pallets of Bankers Boxes in the warehouse. (See how much your organization can save with our Savings Calculator.)

How much time are you wasting on paper?

Easy Integration & Standard APIs

Supply chains today are more complex than ever and isolated solutions unable to communicate across the broader ecosystem are no longer viable. To solve for this, we built M.Folio with a native integration layer and standard APIs to share the data, documents, and workflow steps with any other system, gate, or technology. The outcome is improved visibility and automation opportunities across the enterprise. 

Built specifically for supply chain, M.Folio is low-cost and lightweight, with no EDI or complex integration required. The software can be implemented in as little as seven days and the Driver Kiosk is truly plug & play, providing immediate time to value.