A paperless BOL solution that eliminates face-to-face interactions.

M.Folio is an electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) solution that protects drivers and staff, eliminating face-to-face interactions and providing secure document access for remote workers. Any facility can be up and running in less than seven days with 100% remote implementation and training.

Electronic Bill of Lading | Connected Driver Kiosk | Electronic Signature Workflow | AI Document Grouping | Simple Search Engine-Style Functionality

The most boring way to score a six-figure savings.

With AI, robotics, machine learning, and all of the technological marvels happening across the supply chain, automating document workflows is not the most exciting area of advancement, but it can make a dramatic difference. It becomes more exciting when digitizing paper-based workflows results in reduced physical contact, fewer labor hours, newly usable storage space, and reduced hard costs, all with the level of safety, searchability, and security necessary for any operation.

How much time are you wasting on paper?

Designed and built specifically for the supply chain, M.Folio makes your operation faster, safer, and more efficient by removing the friction of paper documents and transforming manual processes into agile digital workflows and approvals. Eliminate the need for personal interactions and the need to sign, shuffle, scan, transfer, and store physical Bills of Lading, delivery orders, packing lists, dock receipts, commercial invoices, contracts, and other critical documents ever again.

Full document workflow automation.

  • Full document workflow automation
  • Configurable document capture and storage options
  • AI-guided document grouping
  • Digital signature capture
  • Rich document search functionality
  • Ability to upload historical documents
  • Secure cloud storage with 24/7 accessibility
  • Low-cost investment with immediate ROI
  • Protect against lost documents
  • Provide document access and visibility to customers and carriers
  • Dramatically reduce search and retrieval time
  • Fulfill corporate paperless and sustainability initiatives
  • Improve customer service response time
  • Reduce chargebacks with easy access to all relevant documents
  • Reclaim valuable storage space
  • Recoup six-figure savings

M.Folio is typically deployed in less than a week by our team of supply chain experts with the option of on-site or 100% remote implementation and training.