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Tomorrow’s success won’t be built on yesterday’s paperwork.

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With Folio Auto, dealerships can reduce the cost of back-office labor, expensive document storage, printing services, and even mitigate the risk of costly fines due to missing documents.

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Financial Services

Eliminate requirements for off-site storage and paper disposal, while reducing risk and improving the speed and success of audits. Folio digitally organizes and manages contracts, customer files, and the application approval process, so you can focus on your customers. Book a demo.

Supply Chain

Implement Folio across manufacturing and distribution networks to streamline every paper-based workflow for significant savings. Folio works seamlessly with any supply chain system to digitize documents spanning manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and proof of delivery. Book a demo.

Human Resources

Leverage Folio to manage employee contracts, training, annual reviews, certifications, and other key personnel files. Folio’s workflow process ensures certifications and training renewals are automated and both management and human resources have visibility to employee files. Book a demo.

Quality Control

Store compliance-driven documentation in a single cloud-based repository that tracks and manages edits, approvals, and completion of documents. Upload important images and notes to workflows and quality events as needed to ensure a perfect digital paper trail that substantiates every process, workflow and exception–even during an audit. Book a demo.

Customer Service

Provide customers, vendors and partners with a clean, simple-to-use Folio portal that provides 24-hour access to their documents and workflows, or have Folio natively email or send documents at specific workflow points. By eliminating phone calls and email requests for document access from external parties, Folio gives you more time to spend on your business. Book a demo.