A contactless onramp to digital supply chain documentation.

M.Folio Driver Kiosks replace face-to-face interaction between drivers and facility staff, provide a contact-free driver check-in, driver queue management and communication – All without the need to administer and enforce the use of a driver app.

The Bridge to a Fully Digital Future

The challenge with most eBOL solutions is they assume both the industry and drivers are 100% ready to transition to digital paperwork. In conversations with prospects, clients, and captains of industry, they unequivocally state that the guidepost of the future is an entirely digital workflow. Yet most drivers and facilities are not yet ready for that reality overnight. In effect, a bridge needs to be built to usher the organizations and drivers safely from a manual, face-to-face, and paper-dependent world to a purely digital one, with interim steps. M.Folio Driver Kiosk is exactly that bridge. It allows drivers to interact with facility staff through a kiosk, regardless of their technology level, and the built-in printer/scanner combo allows any driver to leave with a printed copy of their paperwork, or digitize their documentation upon arrival.

A Contactless Process for Distribution Centers 

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the pace of digitization in the transportation and warehousing space. No longer is digitization a question of efficiency, but rather a requirement for uninterrupted operation and supply chain social distancing. The stand-alone Driver Kiosk eliminates unnecessary interaction with facility staff by ushering drivers through their entire pick-up/drop-off workflow digitally - from check-in to departure - reducing overall time at the facility. The process begins with initial driver information capture and license scan, then to management of the driver queue, and ultimately to a driver alert notifying them of their trailer’s location. The entire process is orchestrated visually on the kiosk itself, on televisions in the driver lounge, and with alerts sent directly to the driver’s mobile device.  No app is necessary for the driver to download as he/she simply receives updates via SMS texts. There is even the opportunity for the driver to sign and receive a copy of the electronic bill of lading. 

Save Up to 30% on Back-Office Labor

Beyond protecting warehouse staff, M.Folio creates efficiencies and allows for significant cost savings, creating immediate time to value. Just like on the warehouse floor, automation translates into a safer environment, increased cost savings, precision work, real-time data, and network visibility.  With kiosks automating the driver workflow, security at the front gate no longer needs to check-in drivers and can refocus on security. With the removal of driver interaction as well as automation of dozens of menial tasks around printing, signing, scanning, routing, filing, and storing physical paper, a facility can reduce or reallocate back-office staff to higher-value positions. 

Aligns with Specific Safety Needs

M.Folio Driver Kiosk workflow is 100% configurable, with the flexibility to integrate with any current physical safety and security protocols. The implementation and document workflow possibilities are endless. You won’t need to shoehorn your facility flow into M.Folio as the configurability and extensibility allow it to seamlessly support your specific safety and workflow needs.

Available Kiosk Add-Ons

The Driver Kiosk is available in multiple configurations and features an integrated camera and mic for live interaction, scan slot for ID verification, electronic signature capture, anti-microbial touchscreen, and an integrated high-speed printer in the freestanding model.  Available Upgrades Include: 
  • LTE Router for locations without reliable WiFi
  • Fully customizable company branding applications
  • Hand sanitizer bottle bracket 

Available for direct purchase or through our unique Kosk as a Service (KaaS) program.