A vital feature set designed for safety and security.

M.Folio intelligent document management provides secure 24/7 access to customers, carriers, and staff, whether working remotely or on-site. With speed being critical, any facility can be fully up and running in 7 days or less with 100% remote implementation.

Driver kiosk

A connected driver kiosk eliminates person-to-person interaction and keeps drivers and staff safe with full electronic signature capture and workflow automation for all shipping documentation (including Bill of Lading/eBOL) for shippers, drivers, carriers, customers, and consignees. There is also the ability to add notes and special instructions like pics of damaged products to protect claims liability or including the Seal #.

Workflow automation

Automate workflows, data comparison, document edits, and the movement of documents from one department to another, for both remote and on-site workers. The possibilities are infinite given the flexibility and configurability of the workflow engine to streamline the flow of paper and approvals inside your business.

Shared web portal

Empower 3PLs, carriers, partners, and customers to view their essential documents from multiple origin systems using one cross-device web application—and firewall document visibility permissions behind roles and users to ensure that each interested party and stakeholder have access to only their documents. M.Folio is not only a document visibility platform for your enterprise but also across your entire external business network.

Logical document grouping

M.Folio leverages embedded intelligence and AI to automatically link related documents (such as a Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Driver's License) into organized sets for rapid retrieval and processing through our document induction process.

Data comparison and manipulation

Lean on M.Folio’s data comparison engine to compare multiple data fields on a single document, or data fields across documents, to progress a workflow. M.Folio can also add additional information and data fields conditionally to a document to automate manual edits performed on physical documents from mathematical calculations or stamp overlays. The automation and time-saving possibilities are extensive.

Rich search capabilities

Stop losing files in archaic directory-based manual document repositories such as DropBox.  M.Folio manages all document filing natively and allows you to search for your documents the same way you search for content on the internet, via an intelligent and intuitive search bar that operates just like the best online search engines.

Electronic document archive

Store, share, and search for bills of lading and other vital documents across your supply chain without the pain of paper records. M.Folio also takes in metadata (e.g., master shipment numbers, bill of lading numbers, etc.) and determines it on-the-fly with every new file to ensure accurate classification.

Mobile enablement

Enable operators to capture signatures and ensure delivery accuracy on any tablet, smartphone, and web-enabled device. The result is real-time visibility across your enterprise and with external partners.