Get Started

Zero Implementation Costs

M.Folio’s flexible architecture and implementation model ensures most customers are fully operational in less than seven days with 100% remote implementation and training.

Choose the Upload Option Most Convenient for You

You push, print, or email paper documents to M.Folio via configurable file transfer, email, or manual upload from any source system. You can also upload photos directly from your mobile device, allowing real-time capture of visual elements.


Complete Categorization and Accurate Filing

M.Folio leverages AI to view and interpret images and fully examines files to capture every detail in the document. Using this information, it links documents together into document sets and prepares them for intelligent search and any configured workflows.


Automated Workflows Deliver Improved Efficiencies

M.Folio routes document sets through workflows configured to your specific needs. Whatever your requirements, M.Folio can handle, including: electronic signature capture, departmental approval, automated document comparison, edits, notifications, configurable document edit control, traceability, and much more. M.Folio’s automated workflows result in better service levels, fewer errors, and increased labor savings.


Access Your Documents Quickly and Easily

All of your documents within M.Folio are available to search, view, print, download, share and email—according to each user’s role and permissions. M.Folio offers exceptional visibility throughout your organization, and for vendors, partners and customers, until documents are removed by a configurable purge.