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The value of innovation.

At MacGregor Partners, we aspire to drive visibility, efficiency, and control throughout the supply chain. Our supply chain solutions include enterprise-level insights and orchestration tools, WMS accelerators, and standalone solutions to provide value-add capabilities across your ecosystem reducing costs and improving service levels.

An innovation platform powered by M.Toolbox.

Speed to value is our north star. To facilitate low cost, high value through implementation, MacGregor Partners has developed a SaaS native architecture on which to develop solutions that provide ease of adoption, no-hassle maintenance, and a flexible user experience – a toolbox from which to deliver agile solutions and empower our supply chain customers to personalize them for optimal value.

M.Platform Features

  • SaaS Native Architecture
  • Execution Aware Data Model
  • Wizard-Based Integration Exchange
  • Personalization Toolkit
  • Configurable Rules-Based Workflow Engine
  • Multi-Enterprise Security Model
  • Continuous Patching and Upgrades

M.Platform Benefits

Accelerated Innovation

Through our Supply Chain solutions, expert development team, and innovation labs, MacGregor Partners accelerates innovation out of the box and built for purpose.

Ease of Adoption

SaaS native applications and accelerators are built with ease of adoption in mind, with easy activation and simple setup to get up and running quickly.

Speed to Value

MacGregor WMS Accelerators feature pre-built configurations while standalone solutions offer default policies and wizards to fast-track implementation. Online training and reference resources speed adoption.

Flexibility & Personalization

Through the personalization toolkit, customer resources can extend solutions with custom dashboards, screens, and data inputs to fine tune user experience and operational insights.

White Glove Maintenance & Support

With developers and product specialists proactively monitoring environments and available for any questions or issues, MacGregor delivers reliability and confidence with every solution.

Joint Innovation Opportunities

Whether extending solutions for new use cases or ideating on new business challenges, MacGregor’s account team and product management group are available to help you deliver incremental value through their solutions.

"The biggest wow factor that I had implementing both M.Folio and the Toolbox was how easy it was for us to get our data into and out of both of these integrations."

Director of Operations at 3PL
M.Toolbox Analytics & Data Visualization

The Supply Chain Control Tower that delivers operational excellence.

Applying modern development standards to enterprise data sets with precise focus on execution systems, M.Toolbox embodies the possibilities of excellence in supply chain execution for manufacturing and distribution warehousing, at both the facility and the enterprise level. Initially developed as a set of developer capabilities, M.Toolbox was leveraged to deliver insights into execution systems across complex supply chains, and to fill voids in best-in-class solutions that had yet to be addressed. The platform has since evolved to deliver comprehensive visibility, understanding, and operational excellence across any supply chain.

Most importantly, having developed the M.Toolbox platform to accelerate innovation, MacGregor stands ready to tackle even the most challenging business processes with cost-effective solutions to improve visibility, drive efficiency, and optimize service levels.

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