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A better connection between your WMS and co-pack facility.

In any manufacturing operation that requires the delivery of components, the timing and sequence of those components is critical. Our Just-In-Time component delivery framework ensures your production line is fed a steady stream of components as they are consumed, while honoring sequencing requirements associated with lot, batch, or revision.

A purpose-built Just-In-Time component delivery solution.

Light manufacturing in the warehouse, whether through co-manufacturing, co-packaging, kitting, or value-added service has increased as businesses get closer to their customers. Through this, the reliance on a WMS to effectively and accurately manage the delivery of each component, in the right sequence and at the right time, has only grown. Standard WMS functions can deliver product, but they don’t possess the level of sophistication, configurability, and attribute management to meet the needs of today’s co-packaging and kitting operations. The ability to drive Just-in-Time delivery of components across multiple production lines without splitting attributes, ensuring the proper sequence and unit of measure, without starving a production line is critical.

Our solution extends the standard WMS functions to provide an operation with a flexible and configurable framework from which they can dictate and drive the perfect delivery of components to their production line. Provide your light manufacturing with the right components at the right time, with MacGregor Partner’s Just-in-Time component delivery module.

The Advantage of Just-In-Time Replenishment

Production Line Component Capacity Management

Take control of each component delivered to your production line with dynamic min/max levels and replenishments of specific units of measure.

Honor Component Attribute Delivery Sequence

Operations that kit or build product with specific lot, batch, age, or line information requiring specific component delivery sequencing to limit exposure and recall during quality events. Our solution ensures that component item attributes are effectively managed and delivered in sequence to ensure genealogy and traceability are not sacrificed.

Complete Configurability

Whether your production lines build the same finished good for months, or they change daily, take full control of how your production line is managed and components delivered with our fully configurable and dynamic inventory management and component delivery solution.

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Tightly couple your WMS and light manufacturing with MacGregor Partner’s Just-In-Time component delivery module.

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