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The flexibility of your WMS, now available for your automation.

M.Conductor revolutionizes integration between Blue Yonder WMS and automation platforms -- reducing deployment timeline and cost while providing unprecedented configurability.

The best automation integration platform for Blue Yonder WMS.

With pre-built adapters to Locus, Fetch, AutoStore, JBT, AutoGuide and many, many more — reduce implementation time, cost and risk. And by extending Blue Yonder’s powerful directed work engine, use M.Conductor to control robotics platforms, just like RF operators. A configurable automation platform — built right into your Blue Yonder WMS. The way it always should have been.

Reduce Implementation Cost & Time with M.Conductor

Scale Up and Scale Down

By reducing implementation timeline and cost, firms can profitably pilot robotics solutions before scaling up. Prove the model and demonstrate ROI before overspending.

Reduced Implementation Time

With productized integrations, reduce automation integration design and build time to less than 2 weeks. Minimize risk with a proven solution.

Support for Wide Range of Systems

Support for Goods-to-person (GTP), automated guided vehicles (AGV), automated mobile Robotics (AMR), put walls, pick walls and more -- M.Conductor covers all your automation bases.

Robotics Tasks as Directed Work

By fully integrating with the WMS work queue, maintain full visibility and configurability of robotic mission profiles within the WMS. M.Conductor moves all prioritization and task visibility within the WMS.

Automation Interoperability

By defining automation types associated with canonical message formats, a single configuration can support multiple robotics platforms. Want to pilot a Locus robot at a Fetch site or vice versa? With M.Conductor, no new code or configuration is required.

Blue Yonder Cloud-Ready

Deployed in Blue Yonder's cloud at a number of high-profile sites, M.Conductor is proven for both on-premise and cloud deployments, with versions ranging from 2010 to the latest releases.

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