Data doesn’t lie, but you have to find the truth in it.

The insights to better operational performance live in the petabytes of data generated daily across multiple supply chain systems – labor management, warehouse management, warehouse controls, time tracking, and transportation management – but no business intelligence tool has been purposely built to uncover and synthesize the disparate signals in your supply chain. To solve this, we developed M.Toolbox to help transform your business by supplying real-time, always-on access to this powerful information.

Actual actionable analytics.

M.Toolbox provides a supply chain centric data warehouse that stores and harmonizes all of your disparate data, and a visualization engine built to uncover the hidden insights that empower you to take action with predictive alerts and actionable signals across your distribution and manufacturing network.

How M.Toolbox benefits every member of your team.

IT Executive

Supply Chain Executive

Operations Manager

Customer Service



Receive alerts about impending systemic failures across any system before they impact the business and your operational partners.
Review real-time metrics, performance, and daily goals from your entire distribution and manufacturing network on any web-enabled device at any time.
Direct, tailored alerts to operations management, supervisors, and leads via text, email, or inside of M.Toolbox ahead of SLA failure, allowing for time to reposition labor and take corrective action.
Respond immediately to customer requests with critical information at your fingertips, instead of waiting for an update when the document in question is located.
Allow operators the opportunity to review their daily and monthly performance against benchmarks with self-service kiosks on the floor or breakroom workstations, improving performance and fostering an environment of competition and accountability.
Provide customers with direct access to their order and information, improving the customer experience and eliminating their customer service inquiries.

Know what’s happening and what’s about to happen.

See reduced costs, improved metrics, increased service levels, better trailer utilization, and greater profitability, while you:

  • Capture, harmonize and store data from your entire network.
  • Leverage a single-screen, multi-system, forward-looking data visualization engine.
  • Access historical data to identify current and future trends.
  • Provide your clients and customers with realtime, 24/7 access to critical business information.
  • Receive predictive and actionable alerts that drive behavior change across your organization.

The one BI tool built specifically for the supply chain.

  • Automated reporting
  • Predictive engine
  • Network-wide view
  • API integration
  • Flexible ETL layer
  • Cross-device access
  • Web-based software model
  • Flexible/customizable analytics framework
  • Role-based interface
  • Data warehouse
The expert team at MacGregor Partners will guide implementation and maximize your ROI. Follow the successful implementations of leading Fortune 500 companies and choose the supply chain experts to demystify your data and turn it into actionable insights.

Better platform. Bigger ROI.

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Automated reporting

Enable faster and smarter decisions across your operations with hundreds of standard reports and dashboards by vertical that can be shared automatically via configuration-based alerts. Additionally, leverage our proprietary Toolbuilder framework to create any visualization, dashboard, or alert necessary for your business.

Predictive engine

Leverage M.Toolbox’s capabilities to predict and inform your personnel on key challenges, fluctuations and even impending failures with its configurable alert engine. Gone are the days where you learn about failures after they happen.

Network-wide view

M.Toolbox weaves real-time and historical data together from all systems and networks simultaneously. Never will your business need to ask for a report from each facility or stakeholder. M.Toolbox enables access to the entire network independently.

API integration on a flexible ETL layer

Aggregate data across multiple systems and instances using an API-based integration model that communicates via web services, XML, flat files, middleware and any other requirements.

Cross-device mobile enablement

View actionable reports on any aspect of your operation using streamlined dashboards and productivity analytics on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Web-based software model

Use Logistics M.Toolbox in a SaaS model, eliminating capitalized infrastructure spend and reducing implementation cost and time to deploy.

Domain expertise

MacGregor’s analytics consultants have worked in the supply chain and distribution industries for decades. They possess the domain knowledge necessary to weave data from multiple systems into single pane of glass spanning the entire supply chain, guaranteeing actionable data that instantly changes behavior.

Flexible analytics framework

Deploy new dashboards and site-specific alerts quickly using M.Toolbox’s self-serving architecture—without relying exclusively on external resources.

Roles-based interface

Create the ideal flow of analytics and signals according to user needs and security requirements. This ensures each department, user and external partners and vendors have visibility into exactly what they need.
Automated reporting
Predictive engine
Network-wide view
API integration on a flexible ETL layer
Cross-device mobile enablement
Web-based software model
Domain expertise
Flexible analytics framework
Roles-based interface