End-to-End Enterprise Quality Management.

Achieve immediate containment of at-risk product across the network, manage holds with real-time enterprise inventory visibility, and leverage full traceability of product genealogy.


Protect Your Brand and Maintain Confidence in Product Quality.

With Enterprise Quality Management (EQM), eliminate manual communications and burdensome reporting requirements associated with managing quality events across complex distribution networks. 

EQM, powered by M.Toolbox, provides the ability to generate quality events and manage disposition of product across the network in real-time. Saleable inventory is easily identified for release to meet customer demand, protecting revenue streams and reputation throughout any disruption. 

EQM Delivers Peace of Mind.

  • Real-time, unit-level visibility of inventory genealogy and status enables identification and containment of at-risk product at the network level — whether in process, in-transit, or shipped.
  • Support for lockdown and disposition of 3PL, co-packing, and co-manufacturer inventories
  • The ability to lock down impacted inventory by batch number, manufacturing date, or manufacturing line.
  • Bi-Directional workflow management of containment, dispositioning, and release/disposal including multiple and split outcome options across batches and locations.
  • Confident and secure release of unaffected goods.
  • Full audit visibility and elimination of duplicate systems for reporting quality issues to FDA and external parties.

EQM is delivered as a SaaS model and built on M.Toolbox, a powerful visibility portal and supply chain analytics platform that is both flexible and scalable. M.Toolbox connects to key WMS providers, accelerating implementation and providing comprehensive views of inventory transactions.