We are excited about Modex 2018 and invite you to the MacGregor booth (B2569) to see our new software products and meet our team! We also want to make sure you get the most value out of the show as possible.

Modex is setup for its largest year ever. With over 850 leading supply chain providers, navigating the event can be a daunting task. There are also over 100 free educational sessions and 4 big keynotes. If you haven’t registered, you can do so here:

Consider a Keynote

I highly recommend making time for Andrew McAfee from MIT, one of the featured keynotes at Modex. I’ve heard Andrew speak in the past and his perspective on technology is simply amazing. Coming from one of the most distinguished technology schools in the world, he is able to distill complex and far-reaching concepts down to easy-to-consume nuggets of information that you can take with you and do something with. He also makes it fun and what he shares is nothing short of thought compelling to the nth degree.

Have a Plan

With Modex 2018 having so much “volume” and activity to figure out, the MGP team recommends a “new” approach to tackling trade shows. While it is tempting to visit the large, lush booths to see incremental technology, we highly recommend searching out smaller vendors who have a unique perspective on the industry. Of course, that seems like an obvious suggestion from a smaller firm like MacGregor, but it is a suggestion that extends beyond self-serving marketing by us.

Seek Out Thought Leaders

This industry is on the cusp of really being able to leverage emerging technology that only a few years ago was nothing more than wishful thinking. It will be the nimble, thought-leading firms that deliver this reality to the industry. Robotics, data, and processing power are all in a next-phase state (as in they are here NOW) and we believe the supply chain executives who look to leverage these three things over the next decade will be the winners. The pressures will always be the same: cost to serve, lead times, quality, accuracy and service level agreements aren’t going away, but the solutions to them will be night and day different in very short order.

Machine learning, neural networks, AI, and AR are here. The difference today is the pace at which you or your competitors will be able to leverage these technologies…because, processing power, cost of hardware and data are all at a point to make it possible. Your infrastructure today and the future investments you make will require the use of this technology if you are to “win” over the next 10 years. Winning = cost savings, better decisions, competitive advantage and differentiation.

Come See MacGregor!

As you approach your Modex show planning, we invite you both to visit our booth, to hear our perspective, see our new products (Folio, document management software and Logistics Toolbox, our analytics platform) but we also highly encourage you to seek out and find those firms that can help you leverage the technology that will be transformative difference-makers in the very near future.

You can find us at booth #B2569.

Here’s to a great start to 2018 and happy planning as Modex approaches.