Momentum is difficult to maintain. At MacGregor Partners, our ability to consistently and successfully innovate across our customers’ supply chains defines us. Through this, we have earned our place on the Inc. 5000 list for the fourth consecutive year. Not only did we make the list, but we moved up 220 spots from our 2019 ranking. Check most other multi-year recipients and the rarity of this sustained and momentum-building growth model becomes apparent.

We attribute our rapid and sustained growth over the past four years to two things that are at the core of our organization. First, our hands-on experience as both operators and implementers in the WMS, WLM, and TMS space. We pair that with our ability to innovate and quickly deliver supply chain software, technology, robotics, and automation across any supply chain technology landscape along with real-world expertise, advice, and know-how.

Our unrivaled Blue Yonder/JDA expertise has positioned us with the largest US-Based Blue Yonder WMS / Blue Yonder WLM practice, even as we continue to be Blue Yonder’s fastest-growing accredited partner. Our team delivered more than 45 successful WMS and WLM implementations over the past 12 months. When COVID hit, our customers’ supply chains still needed to function. We developed efficient practices for implementation timelines, change management, remote go-live support, 24×7 customer support, and helped our customers optimize for the omnipresent buying patterns and e-commerce changes.

Whether a Blue Yonder WMS implementation or developing new solutions, each of our supply chain innovations began when one of our customers had a problem and we set out to solve it for them. The result is a collection of supply chain technology and software that solves many problems for global warehouse and distribution networks.

M.Folio is digital document management software for enterprise with paperless bill of lading, electronic proof of delivery, automated workflows, AI-guided document grouping, rich search engine-style functionality, and secure cloud storage with 24×7 access.

M.Folio Driver Kiosk is an answer to the problem of supply chain social distancing. Developed as the front end of M.Folio digital document management, the freestanding kiosks replace face-to-face interactions with facility staff and manage driver check-in, the driver queue, and allow for automated signature workflows.

M.Tag was built for sites that don’t require a large WMS or as a streamlined solution to handle select processes that large WMS make cumbersome. The SaaS product fills the gap by easily and effectively managing and tracking inventory and handling returns processing, outbound shipment audits, and other specific tasks.

M.Toolbox is a supply chain analytics tool that stores and harmonizes all of your disparate data across multiple supply chain systems – labor management, warehouse management, warehouse controls, time tracking, transportation, etc. – allowing you to uncover insights to better operational performance. It’s the only Business Intelligence tool built specifically for supply chain.

M.Conductor is our fast and simple solution to connect any robot to your WMS and is the only platform pre-integrated with Blue Yonder and major robotics providers. Thanks to flexible endpoints and connectivity where business logic is housed within M.Conductor, we can reduce project implementation windows by 75%, dropping deployments from years to just months.

What problem are you trying to solve within your supply chain? Whether it is a WMS implementation or ensuring business continuity by keeping your facility staff safe, it’s these challenges that keep us going and sustain our momentum year after year.