March 16, 2020

From Our CEO: COVID-19 Response

The economic and social shock from the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, arrived in the United States with unprecedented speed the past weeks, after a multi-month simmer in China.  The ramifications here have been profound, and the situation remains highly fluid.

The show goes on. We have a duty to our employees, customers, partners, and communities to provide the services and support needed to weather this unprecedented situation.  Our commitment to safety and value preservation is our number one goal and we have implemented a variety of measures to ensure mutual success.

  • Our workforce, generally remote already, now works from home when and where possible. Our social distancing guidelines continue to evolve based on recommendations from the leading authorities and we require any consultants showing symptoms or not feeling well to self-quarantine.
  • We have updated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), in conjunction with our customers and partners, to ensure continued operational success.
  • Our resources remain armed with the most up to date telecommuting tools necessary to maximize their value in any engagement. We are actively working with our customers to get remote working tools in their hands, including high-quality headsets and webcams.
  • Our leadership team continues to follow the latest guidelines, economic data, market impacts, and operational risk factors. Through this, we offer our customers perspective and thought leadership necessary to stay abreast of the current fluidity.

With any unique black swan event like COVID-19 there are massive challenges but there is also the opportunity to emerge in a better competitive position.  We are ready to assist our customers and any organization interested in exploring those opportunities through expertise, trust, and a transparent partnership.

Jason R. Ziegler – President/CEO

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