October 28, 2019

MacGregor Partners Announces APAC JDA Practice with Arjan Van Stiphout as Managing Director

Nicolas Celle, Arjan Van Stiphout, Jason Ziegler

After seven years of exceptional growth and success in the North American region, MacGregor Partners is excited to announce an expansion into the Asia Pacific region with an office and subsidiary located in Singapore.

“The growing supply chain technology needs of the Asia Pacific region provides an immense opportunity in and of itself, but this office also allows us to provide new services at competitive price points for our US-based and international customers. Additionally, MacGregor’s presence in Asia cements the start of our international growth strategy and signals to our current and future clients that we are ready to serve them on a more holistic level, beyond just their North American needs,” MacGregor Partners CEO, Jason Ziegler, adds.

MacGregor Partner’s growth strategy and client base necessitated an international presence, but leadership demanded that the culture and dedication to customer success remain homogenous across new regions.

“We needed the right leader to recognize our unique culture and recreate it in Asia to ensure a consistent customer experience,” states Ziegler.

After meeting Arjan van Stiphout, who joins MacGregor Partners with more than 17 years of experience working with JDA clients in Southeast Asia, most recently serving as JDA’s Vice President Southeast Asia and 3PL APAC in Singapore, it was apparent that he was a perfect fit.

Ziegler adds, “We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with someone as talented, capable, and well respected as Arjan. His knowledge of the JDA products, the nuance of the Asia Pacific region, as well as the specific needs of local JDA clients is unparalleled. His experience and knowledge gave us immense confidence in this venture, especially his dedication to culture and customer satisfaction.”

“MacGregor Partners has a long history of exemplary service to its JDA clients, embodying one of their cultural tenets as a trusted partner, which I’m excited to share with the Asia Pacific market,” comments Van Stiphout.

MacGregor is excited to bring their deep knowledge of the JDA WMS and WLM applications to the Asia Pacific region.

“What makes MacGregor Partners unique in the market is their ability to execute full end-to-end JDA WMS and WLM implementations including training, development, and performance engineering services and address the full gamut of a customer’s operational and technical needs. Because of MacGregor’s existing partnership with JDA, we can assist JDA’s implementation responsibility in Asia, leveraging the immense expertise of our supply chain and JDA experts. Additionally, we plan to lean on the lessons learned from our North American implementations to standardize and address specific customer needs with the goal of creating a safe, fast, and repeatable deployment process for JDA’s Asia Pacific presence,” contends Van Stiphout.

MacGregor Partners is constantly expanding and is always actively recruiting the best and brightest JDA consultants eager to build upon MacGregor Partners’ reputation in both North America and Asia. For more information, visit https://macgregorpartners.com/who-we-are/careers/.

About MacGregor Partners

Founded in 2012, MacGregor Partners is a multi-year Inc. 5000 recognized supply chain technology and software firm focused on driving the industry towards a more efficient future, while enabling the sales and operational success for manufacturing and 3PL clients via JDA’s Warehouse Management and Labor Management software, automation, robotics, workflow automation, and advanced analytics. Learn more about MacGregor Partners at www.macgregorpartners.com