July 1, 2019

MacGregor Partners Honored with MyTechMag May Cover Story

May 2019 MyTechMag Cover

In MyTechMag’s May 2019 Logistics Edition, MacGregor Partners was named one of the Top 10 Logistics Tech Solution Providers of 2019 and honored with the cover story highlighting how MacGregor is redefining what it means to be a supply chain technology partner.

Our president and founder, Jason Ziegler, shared Macgregor’s philosophy on the future of supply chain tech and the company’s role in moving the industry forward.

“At MacGregor, we see the advent of new, lightweight, and highly specialized technology and software packages as the future of the supply chain. Monolithic software packages and platforms don’t provide the level of speed, flexibility, and tailored solutions necessary to compete in today’s business climate. Our clients can continue to look to us to identify, build, and deliver these transformative supply chain solutions.”

Read the full story here: MacGregor Partners MyTechMag Cover Story

MacGregor Partners is a multi-year Inc. 5000 recognized supply chain software and consulting firm.  We deliver solutions that leverage technology to provide our clients with improved service levels, visibility, reduced cost, and a better customer experience within their supply chain and across the enterprise.  Folio provides them with true document automation across the enterprise, streamlining all paper-based workflows, while Toolbox is a supply chain-centric turnkey analytics and data warehouse platform for their entire distribution network.