COVID-19 is impacting supply chains in unprecedented ways. For firms with spiking demand and rapid changes in order profiles, immediate optimization, and war-room leadership is needed. For others, demand drops are challenging leaders to derive value from excess capacity and emerge stronger. 

These needs don’t change because office work is becoming remote. Webcams on whiteboards, GoPro-supported warehouse tours, and department meetings on Zoom — MacGregor pushes forward to help our partners navigate the storm. Regardless of the current status, nearly every organization now needs to support remote workers and execute against Business Continuity Plans. Our team of experts is here to assist with remote consulting services and a suite of products designed to simplify every supply chain. Let’s get to business.


Offering the below service list through remote support from Blue Yonder/JDA and HighJump WMS experts.

  • Facility and slotting design
  • Configuration and configuration audits
  • 24x7x365 operational and technical support
  • Training – Both Technical and Operational
  • Change Management
  • Technical/Infrastructure Review and Audit
  • RF Development and Workflow Improvement
  • Report Development (MOCA & Jasper)
  • Screen Development – DDA & Web-Based
  • Integration with external systems


Offering remote support from labor management experts with the service list below. 

  • Warehouse Map Build
  • Time Studies
  • KVI Build
  • Online Training – Both Operational & Technical
  • Visibility and Report Development
  • Integration With Time Tracking Systems
  • Standards Review
  • Process Log Support


M.Folio is intelligent document management for supply chain that provides access to remote workers and limits face-to-face interactions. 

  • 100% remote implementation
  • Driver Kiosk feature limiting interaction between drivers and guard shack
  • Fully electronic Bill of Lading 
  • Full implementation in less than 7 days
  • Secure cloud storage with 24/7 access from anywhere with any device for a remote workforce
  • Digital signature capture and automated approval process
  • Eliminate the need to sign, shuffle, scan, transfer, and store Bills of Lading, delivery orders, packing lists, dock receipts, commercial invoices, contracts, and other critical documents 
  • Provide document access and visibility to customers and carriers
  • Reduce customer service response time
  • Protect against lost documents amidst the uncertainty of the current business climate
  • AI document grouping with simple search engine-style functionality 
  • Low investment for six-figure savings
  • Designed and built specifically for the supply chain 
  • Currently helping the world’s biggest companies manage their document workflows

Analytics & M.Toolbox

With dramatic fluctuations in both directions and constant threats to supply chain disruption, drawing meaningful insights from accurate data becomes critical. Our analytics experts can review data and provide insight during times of crisis and ambiguity. M.Toolbox, our data visualization and insight tool built specifically for supply chain can be implemented remotely to provide real-time clarity with 24/7 access from anywhere on any device.