Our customers and partners are experiencing an unprecedented, rapid change in order demand, order profiles, and operating models. Slotting plans have been invalidated overnight. Large firms with traditional brick and mortar channels are experiencing an explosion in direct-to-consumer business as their retail partners close shop. Supply chains that support essential businesses have increased volume across a narrow band of SKUs as their manufacturing partners rework production schedules. This shift in relative channel volume requires a rework in both slotting and operational design. 

Below is a list of quick questions to focus in on areas of WMS/WLM configuration that may no longer meet the new operating paradigm:

Are the velocities previously assigned to SKUs still valid?

What is our reslotting process when a SKU velocity increases/decreases?

How has our unit handling costs changed as a result of order profile changes? 

Do we need to expand our pickline into additional aisles? 

Have our storage rules been updated to match the new slotting profile?

How do we implement changes into the WMS without further disrupting the business?

The best way to ensure you’re asking the right questions and drawing the right conclusions is to get on a call with our team of experts. Start the conversation by email at simplify@macgregorparners.com or call 414.888.4188. We’ll help find the answers you need.