Real actionable analytics. Real domain expertise.

It’s not about the data; it never was. Success has always been in the predictive signals, behavioral changes, and actionable stories created from the data. The Toolbox platform and algorithms, coupled with MacGregor’s domain expertise and implementation process, puts your data in a position to win the day for you.

The right story, from the right data.

Today’s supply chains generate petabytes of raw, untapped data.  Toolbox captures, normalizes, and stores this data.  Labor, performance, distribution, and transportation data.  Your data, from any of your systems.

Toolbox weaves that disparate information into a single pane of glass visible anywhere, on any screen or mobile enabled device.  It then sends predictive alerts and actionable signals that drive behavioral change across your organization.

Behavior change that equals cost savings, improved service levels, better trailer utilization, and better metrics-where you need improvements the most.

Toolbox. The right signals, at the right time.

6:40 AM

Supply Chain Executive
On top of the morning.

With Toolbox’s mobile first technology, review your entire network’s metrics, performance, or daily goals, from any web enabled device first thing, while waiting for your coffee to brew.

7:45 AM

Operations supervisor
Start your day with a glimpse into the future.

Never start the day or a shift blind. Leverage Toolbox’s predicative analytics and multi-system forward looking visualization to know exactly where to prioritize labor to meet your customers’ ever-changing demands.

9:30 AM

Better yourself.

Allow operators to review their daily and monthly performance against themselves, their peers and their team with self-service kiosk options on mobile devices and workstations in the breakroom and on the floor.

10:00 AM

Operations Manager
Make sure you win today, before you can’t.

Let management review progress against daily metrics goals and expected output. Notify them via email, text message, or inside of Toolbox ahead of time based on historical predictors of SLA failure, so that they have time to reposition labor before winning today becomes an impossibility.

12:00 PM

Customer Service
Sharing is caring, for your customer.

Give your customer service team direct access to all the critical information they need to respond immediately to requests. Take this further by providing your customers with direct access to only their order information, thus eliminating the routine calls customer service personnel take.

2:00 PM

General Manager
Prove to any visitors you run a data-driven organization.

Walk existing and potential clients through a facility that showcases performance, SLAs, and other key operational metrics on screens that drive intelligent and proactive decisions to prove your purpose to best serve them.

7:00 PM

IT Executive
There for you.

Let Toolbox notify you day or night about impeding systemic failures across any system before the business is even aware, with proactive IT system alerting and monitoring capabilities.

Who benefits? Everyone.

Site supervisors

Empower site supervisors with predictive and real-time volume information coupled with historical productivity data so that they can correctly staff and manage their labor resources. Toolbox puts this critical data on any mobile device, allowing supervisors to access and analyze actionable insights and predictive signals when they are on the floor, where they need to be.

Operations managers

Operations managers can ensure processes are efficient and profitable using predictive algorithms that analyze historic trends coupled with real-time data spanning productivity, service levels, and labor costs across all supply chain systems. This information empowers the creation of smarter standards by measuring success against a comprehensive look at constraints that affect your service levels.

IT managers

In today’s world, supply chains operate numerous systems and applications of varying levels of criticality and dependency. IT managers are responsible for maintaining all of them. Toolbox provides a single interface to monitor failures, faults, and other unwanted issues across your digital infrastructure. Its predictive framework and algorithms will even alert your team to impending failures, before any business impact occurs.

Operational executives

Toolbox provides a seamless view across your entire distribution network, including normalized data from all facilities so they can be quickly compared against each other. Its framework has the ability to craft persona specific information tailored to the most important company KPIs and SLAs. Toolbox even predicts KPI success or failure probabilities months before period end, using its ability to consume and analyze historic data trends. This ensures you have time to change the organization’s behavior before it materially impacts your business and bottom line.

Customer service representatives

Web-based visibility into all systems provides customer service representatives with direct access to all the data they need to predict and answer customer questions, thus delivering the customer experience necessary in today’s competitive world. With Toolbox’s flexible role and permission framework, our clients can choose to provide their end-customers and carriers with access to key data elements via a mobile enabled device, or an API call.

Transportation managers

Freight costs and lack of availability in shipping lanes continues to erode profits and service levels. Transportation managers can combat rising costs lack of availability using Toolbox to analyze order profile data across the network to ultimately recommend order consolidation opportunities and inventory repositioning based on transportation costs and service level disruptions within specific market segments.

Simple communication

Toolbox has robust ETL capabilities to transfer data directly with your systems, or through your organization’s centralized middleware, regardless of communication protocol. Its unique data model interacts with data lakes and other enterprise data models that your organization employs. This ensures that your organization can quickly and easily deploy Toolbox, regardless of the systems in play, IT security requirements and present data models.

Predictive alerts

With data collected from the myriad of systems across your supply chain, Toolbox uses its proprietary algorithms to transform that data into proactive intelligent insights.

Need visibility to impending SLA failures and fines while you still have time to course correct? Done.

Looking to analyze your customers buying patterns against your cost to serve to source orders more efficiently? Covered.

Need help analyzing vendor compliance and carrier data to show the impact lack of compliance has on your business? Easy.

Powerful signals

Toolbox gives every stakeholder access to necessary data signals across all systems, locations and the supply chain—providing real-time insight into your business. This equips every department and stakeholder with the information to self-correct and self-optimize their slice of success.

Agile planning

Arm your operation with the clear impact volume fluctuations have on the business, allowing you to accurately predict staffing levels throughout the supply chain and distribution network well in advance. Your business will never need to guess or react to known production and shipping volumes, through the analysis Toolbox performs between labor management systems and execution systems.

Workflow speed

Think of all the business processes and workflows that involve spreadsheets, data manipulation, data entry, and manually executed macros. Toolbox automates every step of that process with its workflow module to streamline the data gathering, normalization, analysis, and delivery to those that need the result to make better business decisions.

Better platform. Bigger ROI.

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Automated reporting

Enable faster and smarter decisions across your operations with hundreds of standard reports and dashboards by vertical that can be shared automatically via configuration-based alerts. Additionally, leverage our proprietary Toolbuilder framework to create any visualization, dashboard, or alert necessary for your business.

Predictive engine

Leverage Toolbox’s capabilities to predict and inform your personnel on key challenges, fluctuations and even impending failures with its configurable alert engine. Gone are the days where you learn about failures after they happen.

Network-wide view

Toolbox weaves real-time and historical data together from all systems and networks simultaneously. Never will your business need to ask for a report from each facility or stakeholder. Toolbox enables access to the entire network independently.

API integration on a flexible ETL layer

Aggregate data across multiple systems and instances using an API-based integration model that communicates via web services, XML, flat files, middleware and any other requirements.

Cross-device mobile enablement

View actionable reports on any aspect of your operation using streamlined dashboards and productivity analytics on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Web-based software model

Use Logistics Toolbox in a SaaS model, eliminating capitalized infrastructure spend and reducing implementation cost and time to deploy.

Domain expertise

MacGregor’s analytics consultants have worked in the supply chain and distribution industries for decades. They possess the domain knowledge necessary to weave data from multiple systems into single pane of glass spanning the entire supply chain, guaranteeing actionable data that instantly changes behavior.

Flexible analytics framework

Deploy new dashboards and site-specific alerts quickly using Toolbox’s self-serving architecture—without relying exclusively on external resources.

Roles-based interface

Create the ideal flow of analytics and signals according to user needs and security requirements. This ensures each department, user and external partners and vendors have visibility into exactly what they need.

Data warehouse

Our turnkey data warehouse framework can normalize and process billions of rows of data in mere seconds, allowing for algorithms to reach deep into your historical data, where necessary.
Automated reporting
Predictive engine
Network-wide view
API integration on a flexible ETL layer
Cross-device mobile enablement
Web-based software model
Domain expertise
Flexible analytics framework
Roles-based interface
Data warehouse