M.Toolbox Dashboards Deliver Real-Time Data for Informed Decision-Making — Case Study at Atlanta Bonded Warehouse

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse needed increased visibility into daily operations and wanted to share real-time data with customers. MacGregor Partners introduced M.Toolbox Distribution Visibility & Analytics for real-time decision-making and automated reporting, as well as added transparency, with the ability to create individual customer portals. 

“After implementing Toolbox, we have seen a great deal of improved customer confidence. We’ve seen increased productivity amongst our teams, as well as greater profitability based on new data and analyzing the data that’s available to us.”  – Troy Snelson, General Manager, Public Operations, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation

Since customers can log in directly to M.Toolbox, they have up-to-the-minute information on inventory levels, order statuses, and shipments. They have access to all types of data at their fingertips, whether to check for accuracy with inventory or get a general health check of operational status. Customers also have the option for subscription reports to be delivered by email at a preferred cadence. Because of the customer portals, the ABW admin team is saving 10 to 15% of their time by not having to manage external inquiries.

“MacGregor Toolbox has allowed us to schedule automated reports that serve to push operational improvements every hour of every day. We no longer have to wait on reports that aren’t timely or data that’s out of date. We have real-time access to live data that’s meaningful and helps us make strategic decisions every hour of every day.” – Clay Foxworth, Operations Manager, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation


Warehouse labor management was another area of focus for ABW. M.Toolbox makes labor data visible to both management and associates, with automated reporting and dashboards located on screens throughout the facility providing a real-time view of performance on the warehouse floor. Since implementing M.Toolbox, the facility is seeing increased throughput at their facilities with the same amount of labor.

“Prior to us having the MacGregor Toolbox product, we had almost no visibility to what our labor performance was in the warehouse. Since we implemented the product, we have a vast array of data that we can rely on to help improve our associates’ efficiency and help reduce costs.” – Troy Snelson, General Manager, Public Operations, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation


“MacGregor Toolbox is a very powerful tool with the potential to save lots of time and money within your operation.” – Clay Foxworth, Operations Manager, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation

Future plans with MacGregor and ABW include refining the labor management plan and integrating M.Toolbox with more systems within the operation. Also, see how ABW implemented M.Folio Contactless Shipping at its facilities.