When standard functionality attacks, be prepared with an arsenal of config tips and a good old fashion can-do attitude.  Let’s explore a notorious wave processing issue that is bound to bite on occasion.


While visiting a client recently, training them to implement negotiated rates for UPS within JDA Parcel, I stumbled onto an urgent side conversation causing heartburn for several people in the conference room.

At one of their sites, a user had accidentally created a wave for all available orders.

As it turns out, our new client had been struggling with this for several years.  It didn’t happen often, but when it did, the cleanup process was slow and painful.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, during many of these events, the issue wasn’t identified until system performance was negatively impacted.  I’m sure you know those dreaded words:

“Hey!  My RF is locked up.  I can’t do anything.”


To my surprise, this issue was something my colleagues and I had encountered many times in the past.

I offered up a solution, the client was enthusiastic, and over lunch we rolled out the solution.  Who doesn’t love a quick win?!

What did we do?  At its core, we removed the chance to plan a wave without reviewing which orders were found available and conforming to the user’s criteria.

The configuration, while advanced and unfamiliar to many consultants, took less than an hour to test, document, and implement.

By preventing the scenario in the first place, we had arguably saved the client hundreds of hours of lost productivity and thousands of dollars in unnecessary labor costs over the lifespan of their WMS implementation.

Have you suffered from this issue or something similar?