Consumer Packaged Goods

Take your operation from one-track minded to on-track mindfulness.

We enable the omnichannel experience your customers demand by streamlining distribution through intelligent fulfillment.
  • Complete Traceability: 100% of items and lot combinations tracked means you can be confident in the event of a recall or quality concern.
  • Task Interleaving: Enable higher productivity with extensions designed to direct work, promote task interleaving, and deliver multiple pallets per trip.
  • Value Added Services and Co-Pack: Execute any customer-specific value added service (VAS) or packaging requests within the WMS or an an external system where inventory ownership handoffs occur while maintaining 100% traceability.
  • Dynamic Putaway and Location Capacity: Leverage functionality that dynamically adjusts location capacity based on individual stackability rules for each item—ensuring safe and and maximized floor-stacked product.
  • Case Picking and Layer Picking: Ensure optimal design for less-than-full pallet picking, allowing a seamless handoff between methods when building picked pallets.