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We help your distribution centers support an omni-channel shopping experience by unifying siloed data across your supply chain. This unleashes untapped efficiencies to support the volume and delivery demands of today’s customers.
  • Exceptional Customer Service Across Channels: Link data and inventory from manufacturer to distribution to brick-and-mortar stores, creating seamless goods-to-person visibility for your organization.
  • Enhanced Performance at High-Volume Facilities: Leverage automation and creative processes to design solutions for migrating to waveless or continuous order processing, streamlining the carton/tote induction process, improving parcel manifesting routines and high-volume pick modules, as well as integrating with a goods-to-person module like Opex.
  • Integration with Parcel Manifesting Systems: Ensure your parcel manifesting solution and WMS are in lockstep. Our experts have handled JDA’s legacy parcel systems and the new partnered product Centiro, so we can deliver you the fastest solution and optimized volume/throughput—all while ensuring the best domestic or international shipping rates regardless of your parcel vendor.
  • Warehouse Inventory Flow and Slotting: Promote inventory flow and replenishment to ensure products are slotted into the right pick faces to meet yearly and seasonal demands.