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How is your WMS implementation going?

Experience matters. With more than 75 WMS sites deployed annually, operational and labor consulting, and an average experience level of over 10 years – experience the difference and deploy with a trusted partner.

Breadth and depth in WMS implementation services.

MacGregor Partners is your one-stop WMS shop. With services teams supporting Blue Yonder and Körber, and offerings ranging from full implementations to support, from training to development – we’ve got you covered. We can even help you choose which Warehouse Management System is right for you.

Blue Yonder & Korber WMS Implementation Services

Proven Process

MacGregor Partners is proud to host the most experienced team of WMS implementers in the U.S. Our implementation process is grounded in providing excellent operational outcomes, while avoiding the pitfalls common to WMS deployments.

Operational Expertise

We know a WMS program requires more than technical expertise to achieve success. Our architects have deep experience in operations and provide recommendations focused on operational efficiency. No more design sessions that begin with a blank page and end with a system-first design.

Breadth of Service

We view WMS as a foundation, not an end. From warehouse robotics to analytics, we help customers leverage the platform WMS provides to drive better operational outcomes. Whether you’re in a vendor selection stage, implementation, or post-implementation support and improvement – we’re here to help you build value.

Complementary Products

There are a number of known, common gaps in supply chain software: in areas of document management, analytics, robotics integration, to name a few. We’ve built products to fill those gaps and integrate natively with your WMS.

Continuous Improvement Focus

A WMS is not finished at go-live. Research shows that the best implementations benefit from incremental investment over time, minimizing change management burden and utilizing real data and real-world learnings to drive better investment decisions.

Flexible Commercial Model

Accompanying a wide range of service offerings, we offer a range of commercial models. From fixed fee to time & materials, from one-time capital projects to ongoing expense investment. We have a model to fit your need.

Long-Term Partnership

We believe a WMS platform benefits from ongoing investment, and our products and services are centered around that paradigm. Our interest is in building a long-term partnership and delivering incremental value over time. Our culture is based on honest, open communication and mutual investment in service of an ongoing, fruitful relationship.

"Working with MacGregor has been tremendous. Dealing with other companies in the past and then dealing with MacGregor has been night and day."

Operations Manager at 3PL

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We have lived the life of a WMS buyer, vendor, and implementer. Our WMS implementation teams are here to help and enjoy talking about all things warehouse management – Blue Yonder, JDA, RedPrairie or Korber / HighJump.

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4 years.
250+ Blue Yonder WMS deployments.
Zero rollbacks.

Korber Warehouse Advantage deployments reimagined, with the MacGregor Partners templatized process.

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