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More for less with the most experienced WLM team.

Unlock the true potential of your Supply Chain technology by using data to drive down labor costs. Our leading Labor Management consultants will show you how.

Get past the crawl and drive savings with Labor Management.

Warehouse Labor Management (WLM), also referred to as Labor Management System (LMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) for supply chain, is a powerful tool to drive down logistics costs. Our fully accredited Labor Management team uses a proven process to implement, maintain and improve labor-managed deployments. Our process avoids reliance on the traditional ‘crawl, walk, run’ trope — which leaves most companies crawling.

The Right Way to Deploy WLM

Class Leading Deployments

MacGregor supports the best WLM deployments in the US -- a claim backed by hard operational metrics. Save more with the right partner.

Focus on Buy-In

WLM deployments are often suffocated by ground-level pushback. MacGregor deploys WLM hand-in-hand with operations teams, winning buy-in by focusing on shared benefits to labor.

Union Experience

Deployments of WLM in unionized environments pose special challenges - but when properly handled, return major savings. Our experience with unionized shops guides the way.

Avoid the Crawl

Most labor implementations are pitched on a crawl-walk-run model, leaving organizations with most of the cost and little benefit. Our model avoids this investment trap, and sees firms deriving real value as they invest in incrementally more powerful standards.

Engineered Standards

Our experience shows us that engineered standards drive the best labor deployment returns, dollar for dollar. With a dedicated team of WLM experts, our team performs time studies and machine studies using a proven process and acceleration toolkit.

Ongoing Support

One of the primary reasons firms avoid WLM deployments, despite the proven return, is the need for skilled industrial engineers. MacGrregor offers support packages with embedded industrial engineering services, ensuring you can take advantage of labor management even without an in-house Industrial Engineering team.

Connect With the WLM Experts

Work with the most experienced Blue Yonder Labor Management team in the U.S.


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