Largest Blue Yonder WMS Accredited Partner in North America

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Unparalleled Blue Yonder experience, unrivaled results.

As a Blue Yonder accredited partner, MacGregor Partners has become one of Blue Yonder’s largest North American WMS implementers. With over 250 site deployments in the past four years, our customers have never experienced a rollback.

Your full-service Blue Yonder WMS provider.

From roadmap planning to implementation, from labor management to robotics enablement, we’re your guide through the world of Blue Yonder WMS. With a team of over 75 Blue Yonder experts in-house, we support all your Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie needs. Contact us to learn more about our holistic service offerings.

Work with an Accredited Blue Yonder WMS Partner

Proven Process

Using a proven process called MGPDo, we progress projects through a robust deployment methodology to successful conclusions. Over 250 times in the past 4 years alone.

Templatization Expertise

Scale is in our DNA. The best Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System deployments support not only the in-scope site but also prepare organizations for each site to come. Avoid rework, reduce risk, move faster.

Operational Know-How

At MacGregor Partners, our Blue Yonder consultants are more than technologists -- we have deep operational and warehousing experience across the full range of industries. We provide a blueprint for successful WMS configuration instead of a blank page masquerading as a design workshop.

Dedicated Development Group

We recognize that targeted enhancements provide robust benefits for organizations, but also that development is the largest risk factor for deployments and long-term ownership costs. Our development organization is dedicated and organized around the principles of upgradability, sustainability, and minimized ongoing ownership cost.

Hosting & White Glove Support

Our involvement doesn’t stop at go-live. Whether hosted in our class-leading cloud, participating in our white glove support program, or engaged with our SIGs, our customers partner with us for the long term.

"The biggest metric that I look at and the WMS has been able to give me is the cost per case that now has decreased significantly."

Director of Operations at 3PL

Contact the Blue Yonder Experts

We have lived the life of a WMS buyer, vendor, and implementer. Our Blue Yonder team is here to help and enjoys talking about all things WMS, Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie.


The Leading Blue Yonder WMS Implementation Consultants for a Reason

Work With the Best

With 250+ recent deployments and zero rollbacks along with four consecutive years on the Inc 5000 list, we’re proud to be one of the largest and fastestgrowing Blue Yonder WMS implementers in North America. Our Customers know the value of experience coupled with a proven methodology, and more than anything else – the power of partnership. At MacGregor, partnership is more than a catchphrase. Your mission doesn’t end when a WMS goes live and neither does ours.

Proven Process for the Best Blue Yonder WMS Results

Each year, we shepherd more than 60 Blue Yonder WMS go-lives to successful completion. In the past four years, MacGregor has brought up more than 250 sites – all without a single rollback. To successfully deploy new sites or upgrade existing RedPrairie / JDA WMS sites, we combine a wealth of experience with a methodology focused on achieving optimal operational outcomes. Our implementation processes draw upon years of in-depth warehouse consulting, Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie mastery, and first-hand knowledge of warehouse operations. We speak the language of distribution best practices, and with this fluency our WMS implementation experts translate business needs into a holistic system configuration, rapidly and without rework. Say goodbye to 6+ month WMS deployments — we have a better way.

ROI-Focused RedPrairie WMS & JDA WMS Upgrades

Traditional upgrade projects are riddled with uncertainty — from existing enhancement uplift, to uncertain ROI around new features and variability in change adoption. At MacGregor, we eliminate upgrade uncertainty with a robust Upgrade Assessment Process. Our Upgrade Assessment provides decision-makers with a firm upgrade proposal, researched benefits with ROI targets, and key risks and mitigations already identified.

The JDA / RedPrairie Upgrade Assessment process begins with on-site observations and user interviews to establish current state and pain points. New features are aligned with needs from observations and discussion, and indicative savings from each are assessed. On the technology side, any existing interfaces or enhancements are reviewed to determine if they can be replaced with standard functions or if they require uplift. MacGregor’s robust experience with WMS versions from RP 2005 to present allows rapid assessment, even in the absence of past design documents.

The assessment results are presented back, including a proposal, feature targets, ROI assessment, and risk mitigations — all supported by detailed documents and in-depth, customer-specific research.

Let us help you build your business case – and deliver it successfully.

Optimize with Blue Yonder Labor Management

Warehouse workers from bird's eye view.

Warehouse Labor Management (WLM), also referred to as Labor Management System (LMS) and Workforce Management (WFM) for supply chain, is a powerful tool to drive down logistics costs. Our fully accredited Labor Management team uses a proven process to implement, maintain and improve labor-managed deployments. Our process avoids reliance on the traditional ‘crawl, walk, run’ trope — which leaves most companies crawling.

Many firms experience difficulty maximizing the value of WLM, as implementation requires a cross-discipline skill set and prior experience. Our labor-management team will assess the current WMS or WLM deployment, help build an ROI case, and implement thoughtfully to ensure that return is achieved. Learn more about the value an optimized labor system creates from our dedicated Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie WLM experts.

Achieve Lasting & Flexible Visibility with M.Toolbox

Achieving meaningful visibility in a WMS go-live can be challenging; each operation views KPIs differently and out-of-the-box Blue Yonder dashboards are not always sufficient. Using M.Toolbox, our purpose-built Blue Yonder / JDA WMS real-time visibility and analytics platform, our partners achieve rapid and lasting visibility, actionable analytics, and much more. Learn more about M.Toolbox Distribution Visibility and Analytics.

M.Toolbox analytics dashboard for inventory activity.

Warehouse Robotics & Edge Technologies

The promise of automation has never been greater, but today’s technology and options are dizzying to navigate. We guide firms to the best form factor to achieve real results, with an eye to flexible technologies for firms with evolving business models. For picking eaches, should a firm choose a Goods to Person solution like AutoStore or a swarm-picking solution like Locus or Fetch? For a Case picking operation, is the best investment in a fixed claw-line or Case-picking AMR and automated forks? Is fixed conveyance and sortation the right fit, or is it worth considering AMR forklifts and tuggers? Leverage our real-world experience with these technologies to make the right investment.

The best Blue Yonder WMS Automation Integration goes beyond connecting two black boxes, instead blurring the lines between WMS and WCS. MacGregor deploys automation for Blue Yonder and JDA WMS using M.Conductor, a purpose-built tool designed to extend Blue Yonder’s powerful directed-work engine into robotics and automation. 

Blur the line-of-demarcation and eliminate the visibility and control issues typical of black box deployments.

Our deployment methodology is built to ensure maximum return by selecting the right form factor and eliminating ROI-Drift through deployment. ROI Drift is the term we use to describe the erosion of value from the initial ROI case to eventual execution, as design-level decisions impact the initial value statement. We manage and eliminate this far-too-common loss by holding each design decision accountable to initial assumptions.

Focus on Continuous Improvement for Blue Yonder WMS

At MacGregor Partners, believe a WMS deployment is a beginning, not an end. Research shows the best WMS value is achieved through focus on continuous, incremental improvement. For firms looking to begin a new continuous improvement program, we offer a free-of-charge Operational Assessment for any Blue Yonder or JDA WMS customer, where an experienced WMS architect will review current operations and propose improvement items, from tactical to strategic.

We promote continuous improvement execution through a variety of programs. Modern versions of Blue Yonder’s WMS support a continuous upgrade model when proper care is taken in the initial deployment. Philosophically, upgradeability and scalability are core tenets of all design decisions at MacGregor Partners. What we build for you today will maintain value in tomorrow’s world.

Many of our customers utilize our Managed Service Plan alongside WMS Support, which provides consulting, development, and industrial engineering service on a regular monthly basis, ensuring incremental improvement over time to maximize asset value.

Blue Yonder / JDA WMS Development & Integration

Our dedicated, fully accredited Development Team combines deep Blue Yonder WMS and WLM product knowledge with the native flexibility and extensibility of Blue Yonder products to produce peerless results. From new web screens, to custom legacy .NET forms, from MOCA components through RESTful APIs — we have you covered. All development requests are managed through a transparent, JIRA-based process, ensuring accountability, and all code is fully source controlled to ensure supportability. We design and build with the future in mind, so designs are componentized with upgradeability as a core success met. Even better – we are happy to offer development on a fixed-fee basis – so there is no question of budget drift.

Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie WMS Support – 24x7x365

Our support team embodies the characteristics that your business requires: highly articulate, knowledgeable, well-trained, and passionate. They are Blue Yonder experts, understand your specific business configurations, and have the sense of urgency that production issues mandate. With 24x7x365 availability, our US-based team minimizes downtime, speeds issue resolution, and keeps the business operating. 

We offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Support Services, as while as White Glove support for vendor fixes. Our Blue Yonder DBA’s and system administrators also support the full-stack – no matter who is hosting.

Blue Yonder WMS Hosting Services

MacGregor Partners provides clients with robust hosting capabilities, full-stack support, and a true “one throat to choke” model. MacGregor Partners takes all of the complexity out of a WMS deployment: we install, configure, manage the application and stack in our cloud, provide Level 1-3 support, and act on your behalf in interactions with Blue Yonder. Our hosting services are security certified, undergo regular compliance checks, and provide robust SLAs — all with flexible monthly, yearly, or use-based commercial models.    

Blue Yonder / RedPrairie Training & Education

Leveraging our deep Blue Yonder WMS / WLM product knowledge, technical expertise, and operational experience, we empower your team to own and manage your solution long after the project ends. While many firms deploy junior consultants as trainers to rehash canned content, we believe training is a critical success factor, and ensure training is performed by seasoned veterans with specific customer knowledge.

We offer a catalog of standard course offerings, given live or remotely. The most common training includes WMS Operational Training, Blue Yonder Page Builder and MOCA training, and Integration Development training.

If you have a specific need in mind, we are happy to mix and match agendas — at no extra cost. For firms with only a handful of Blue Yonder / RedPrairie users, we offer public courses accessible for a moderate fee.

Blue Yonder, Red Prairie, & JDA History

Founded in 1985 as JDA, the company’s acquisition list includes the Arthur Retail division in 1998, Intactix in 2000, E3 Corporation in 2001, Manugistics in 2006, and i2 Technologies in 2010. In December of 2012, RedPrairie and JDA merged into one organization. In 2018, JDA acquired Blue Yonder GmbH and two years later, rebranded as Blue Yonder to “…better align the Company’s name with its cloud transformation and product roadmap, embracing a future full of endless innovation, continuous improvement and outstanding customer experience.” Blue Yonder was purchased by Panasonic in 2021. 

MacGregor Partners has extensive experience with legacy JDA and RedPrairie WMS systems, as well as cutting edge releases, and guiding upgrade programs.

Work with the most experienced Labor Management team in the U.S.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

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We are looking for a dynamic customer-centric Senior Consultant to provide expert guidance surrounding the Blue Yonder WMS application. You will have made contributions to several successful software implementations, either in enterprise planning, manufacturing, transportation, or WMS, and are looking to take on more responsibility. As a client-facing role, you must maintain a professional demeanor at all times and will travel frequently to visit client sites and interact in person with client teams. Visit the MacGregor Partners Careers page for a full job description.