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The end-to-end warehouse management solution for everyone else.

HighJump Warehouse Edge (now Körber) is designed with unmatched flexibility and adaptability specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Edge provides an adaptable solution that can be built to unique requirements, and can also be quickly configured and implemented.

Korber Warehouse Edge is the configurable WMS option for SMBs.

Korber K.Motion Warehouse Edge (previously Accellos One Warehouse & Radio Beacon WMS) is the WMS designed to enable SMBs to drive rapid, out-of-box warehouse optimization and efficiency. Warehouse Edge delivers a powerful, scalable, and flexible real-time WMS to streamline your business processes and help you achieve increased accuracy, throughput, and visibility into warehouse operations. The WMS software serves as a hub for all of your supply chain needs, satisfying the diverse business requirements of a broad range of industries

User-Friendly Interface

An industry-first responsive HTML5 user interface, with specific guides for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Easy Integration

Flawless integration with EDI, Warehouse Automation, and RFID Compliance.

Deployed Across Multiple Industries

Successful WMS implementations with 3PLs and a wide array of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Light Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Apparel, Book Suppliers, high-volume e-commerce, Federal/State/Local Government, and more.

Versatile Communications

Since the Körber database can be Oracle or SQL Server, the WMS can also communicate AQL to SQL and has the ability to interface via flat file for ERPs that can not communicate directly to K.Motion.

Open API

A powerful workflow adaptability layer and an open web service API.

On-Prem or Cloud WMS Deployment

Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud for a lower total cost of ownership.

Is Körber Warehouse Edge right for your business?

The best way to find out is a conversation with our expert Korber / HighJump WMS implementation consultants.


Korber Warehouse Edge comes with the same flexibility & control as Advantage.

Like Warehouse Advantage, Edge has the same modular design that allows you to select from a suite of applications to suit your business’ specific needs. It is an adaptable, process-based WMS that can be configured to many business types, but instead of full-blown manufacturing, Warehouse Edge handles light manufacturing or kitting, like Build-to-Stock or Build-to-Order. Edge will handle up to 9 different attributes such as Lots, Serials, Expiry, etc. Also like Advantage, you benefit from increased control over the end product while still implementing an easy-to-use WMS. Warehouse Edge add-on Modules:

  • Schedule – Yard Management
  • Report – Custom Reporting
  • Ship – Small Parcel & LTL Rating
  • Pulse – KPI Reporting
  • Image – Ability to capture images at Receive & Ship as well as load document images
  • Inspection – Utility to manage inspection tasks prior to shipment, at receive, etc.
  • Label Development Utility – Develop custom labels

Seamless ERP Integrations

Korber Warehouse Edge has proven integrations with major ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics™, Sage, NetSuite, SAP® Business One, Infor™ and more. Deep knowledge of these systems from both sides of the business decreases implementation time and cost, while also minimizing time to value.

Finding the Right WMS Solution

Flexible and adaptable software is a requirement for any company with a distribution Center and a focus on scaling for growth. Whether Warehouse Advantage or Edge, with 4,200 customers in 66 countries and counting, every Körber WMS is a battle-proven solution.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

Korber Warehouse Advantage deployments reimagined, with MacGregor Partners templatized process.

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MacGregor Partners Careers: Senior Consultant, Korber Warehouse Edge WMS Implementation

Through face-to-face interactions with customers, the Senior Consultant is responsible for Korber / HighJump WMS implementations, assisting customers to enhance their operations by identifying and optimizing their preferred work methods, and by developing reports / tools that enhance customer use of M.Toolbox, thereby enhancing their operations. As an on-site representative of MacGregor Partners, you will be the face of the company to many of our customers and must portray a positive and professional image of the company through appearance, excitement, engagement, and compelling recommendations to customers. Visit the MacGregor Partners Careers page for a full job description.